Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diagnal snow

Yesterday afternoon I was doing Yoga and watching the snow fall outside my window. I noticed how the snow was mainly coming down in a diagnal pattern. As I looked at my window, the snow was falling from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Every now and then it would shift a bit to horizontal. But it never came down in a direct vertical straight line pattern. Then the wind would take it and play with it. It would circle and sometimes it even appeared as if the flakes were standing still. I thought about how that snow reflected me. That I never seem to move well in direct straight lines either. I used to force myself to do so when I was a prosecutor because that's the way the system and the profession worked. I imagine those of you who were in a "corporate" type environment had to (or still have to) do the same thing. A square peg in a round hole thing. But we were not meant to live or be that way. We cycle just like nature. And I've discovered that I still get to where I need to be. Just like that snow that "succeeded" in forming a blanket on the earth in its own way. And even in objective manifestation measurement terms, it ended up being six inches, a "plowable snow event" to my landscaper husband's calculation and standards. Just like that snowfall, when I'm able to follow my own unique rhythms and patterns, I still get things done. But I get there fully present, as a woman who's whole, and in a way that is most healthy for me.

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  1. happy new year!! hooray for plowable snow events!!!