Thursday, October 22, 2015

Message from Mary Magdalene

The following is a channeled message from Mary Magdalene by Laura Rose:

"Others call us names, whores and such to cover up their own insecurities.  Sometimes with our bodies we are doing what we have been taught.  It is not real or authentic for us.  It is casting ourselves in the role others see for us.  Now it is time to explore the role we see for ourselves.  How can we let go of the shame imposed on us that we are now imposing upon ourselves?  The sigma.  How can we be a reminder for each other's true light instead?  Every aspect of you is sacred.  Release the judgments of others.  Let go of the pattern of judging yourself.  It is like unraveling something that has been crocheted and now doing the stitches all over again.  Our accepting of the shame felt shameful, too.  And so there are many patterns and layers of stitches to unwind.  It was all imposed upon us especially women/the feminine aspect to keep us down; but we are rising now."