Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter, 2015 Channel from Spirit

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spirit Light is Love

Since we have just passed Halloween (or Samhain) our Angels, loved ones on the other side, and the ascended masters wanted to bring forward a message about "spirits".  It seems there is much to do about nothing.  Halloween traditionally was a time to honor our ancestors.  When we pass to the other side we easily and beautifully return to the Light.  Our light helpers wanted to talk today about perhaps the small percentage of energies left behind outside of the full light.  Here is their message:

"Spirit light energy can take whatever form you would recognize.  Whatever form you are calling to you.  It is in response to your vibration.  It is not as if it is one cohesive being.  It is a blend of similar frequencies.  We would love for you to let go of the word “ghost” and other terminology that serves you not.  It inaccurately gives power to that which has not accepted the fullness of light.  It is just energy.  They are thought forms left behind.  They can remain at a variety of frequencies.  It is all etheric in nature, wisps of energies.  It can be released as easily as batting away an annoying bug.  You hold it to you by staying in the same vibrational frequency.  Words such as attachments, darkness, … can keep you away from your power, the true light of who you are.  Spirits of lower frequencies have no power but what you assign to them, the inroads you allow for them to cling to your energy field to harness your energy through the remnants you hold onto that no longer serve you, anything that is not light."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Message from Mary Magdalene

The following is a channeled message from Mary Magdalene by Laura Rose:

"Others call us names, whores and such to cover up their own insecurities.  Sometimes with our bodies we are doing what we have been taught.  It is not real or authentic for us.  It is casting ourselves in the role others see for us.  Now it is time to explore the role we see for ourselves.  How can we let go of the shame imposed on us that we are now imposing upon ourselves?  The sigma.  How can we be a reminder for each other's true light instead?  Every aspect of you is sacred.  Release the judgments of others.  Let go of the pattern of judging yourself.  It is like unraveling something that has been crocheted and now doing the stitches all over again.  Our accepting of the shame felt shameful, too.  And so there are many patterns and layers of stitches to unwind.  It was all imposed upon us especially women/the feminine aspect to keep us down; but we are rising now."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall, 2015 message

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tree Magick

Here is a message from the Trees channeled by Laura Rose:

"If you plant your roots down deep into the Earth
you are grounded in stability & connection
to weather any storm that comes your way.

If you reach up high into the Sky of Spirit
it will light & guide your way.

If you stay & play with us a while
we can take away all your burdens & pain."

Friday, July 31, 2015

Calling all Healers...

"The times they are changing.  You cannot be a healer now the way you have been before.  Well, you can, of course, but you will find yourself swimming against the current more and more until you can no longer hold on. 

Healer heal thyself has never been more true for you.  You are the only person you can ever heal anyway.

In the new wave of energy the focus is on self…self responsibility and self care.  You must find your own self alignment and allow others to find theirs.  Remember you are an illuminator for others.  We like that word illuminator.  You are never “healing” them.  You are only illuminating the possibility of healing for them.  You are the space holder…holding that space for them…inspiring within them the opportunity for them to find their own alignment with well being.  You do this by finding your own.  Then they know that it is possible for them.

You must hold them within your mind and heart as already well.  Hold onto the truth of their full potential for wellness.  If you focus on the list of all that appears to be wrong with them then that is what is being amplified.  What is amplified is what is created.  You must know that well being abounds and let that be your focus.

For those who are absorbers of energy (our empath friends) if you focus on the sickness not only are you amplifying their un-well-ness, you run the risk of absorbing it.

Putting yourself first means that you are connecting to the wellspring of well being before you focus your attention on someone else.  Take the self out of that negatively connotative word “selfish”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When you have sacrificed yourself for another you have done neither of you a service.  If you are connected to source first within yourself then you can more fully illuminate wellness for another. 

Let go of the desire to “fix” someone else.  Let each individual soul enjoy his or her own life path.  Allow them the freedom, the choice…give them the power to fly on their own to new heights of awareness and wellness…while you enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze of your own feathered nest." 

Channeled from the All by Laura Rose

Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Message from Mother Earth

The following is a message from Mother Earth channeled by Laura Rose:

"Hear my song I sing 
as the wind whispers through the trees,

Each snowflake that falls unique 
gives you just a peek,

At perfection each and every day
when you live in alignment with the natural ways."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Manifestation Piece

Here is a message from the Masters channeled by Laura Rose:

"Whatever it is you would like to manifest is given in the moment of creation.  Creation occurs when energy aligns.  When an agreement is made according to higher law.  There is a contract that is made within the grand scheme and circle of life.  You have a desire.  It is launched up to the grid and it is aligning with others who are a match for your desire.  It is that part that is the most fascinating.  How it all inexplicably works behind the scenes without you having to lift a finger.  In fact, it works better if you are not involved in that part of the process at all.  If you are not trying to control the outcome of your desire, you are not in the way to muck it up.  That is where we come in.  We are also part of the grid.  Just like you, but in the higher realms of light.  If you can trust, let go completely.  If you could picture the grid above yourself, your home, your business, your family...and just allow it to do its thing.  All would be so far beyond well you would not know what to do with it all!  So much abundance.  So many answers to your questions and manifestations of your desires.  Dreams flowing in to you at record pace.  You would be wonderfully overwhelmed with your own success.  For your part, dream the dream, launch the desire and let us do the rest.  Do things that bring you joy.  Gently do things that matter to you in the meantime while everything else falls in to place for you.  It really is that simple.  It is all about the universal laws of creation.  Of which you are an integral part.  And so are all the others that are lined up with you.  Remember it is always your choice to stay in alignment or the veer off course.  We are not suggesting you give up total control of your life and be like a buoy floating out there, a victim of the waves going by.  You choose to align yourself with the ecstasy of everything that matters to you and everyone who is in love with you and then let the rest go.  You have a part in the process that is for sure.  Just not all of the parts that you have come to believe.  Creation is happening in every moment.  So in every moment ask yourself how is your alignment.  What are you aligned with?  And if it is not what you want to create you may choose a different energy.  Find that joy within instead and let the rest be."   

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Manifestation through Visualization

Here is a quick yet powerful message from the Angels on manifestation through visualization:

“We want you to have fun.  We want you to feel free.  You must visualize and feel yourself with the positive flow of emotions and love from spirit.  It is just that simple.  We promise.  You have a tendency to complicate it.  See yourself where you want to be and you will find a way there effortlessly.”

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Introspection & conditioning"

Here is a channeled message from the All by Laura Rose:

"The time has come for introspection.  An honest assessment of your own condition.  Those aspects of who you have become that are not in alignment with who you really are.  You have absorbed the conditioning of others along the way.  Their energies and opinions of who they are may not be right for you.  And so it is time to cleanse, purge these old ways, anything that is not in alignment with your true self, your Spirit light.  We know it can be scary for you to change.  We know it can be uncomfortable to look at yourself in this way because once you do, you cannot go back to the way it was before.  But we are here to assure you that  is a good thing.  As you shed layers of yourself that block your light, you reconnect to Spirit within you.  That Spirit part that has no conditions, pure unadulterated love and light of Source.  Shine forth, shine bright, and so it shall be."