Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Raven's World-228

One of the my most honored roles is to be a voice for the animal kingdom.  I have been so blessed to be busy with the move of The Purple Rose and with work there that, unfortunately,  I have not had the time to post for the animals.  Today I bring forward a very important message.  We hear from the Stag today.  The Stag has come forward as the leader and the speaker of the forest.  He was reminding me of a Native American story about the Corn Woman.  He makes reference to it in his message below.  In the legend, the Corn Woman came to feed the starving people.  She sacrificed herself so that the people could eat.  Her instructions were to make sure to return some of the kernels back to the Earth so that she would return year after year to feed the people.  Here is the message from the Stag:

"The forest is our home.  It is the home of many creatures large and small.  The forest sustains us.  It is in perfect balance as is all nature.  You (human kind) have been clear cutting the forests.  And we have no where else to go.  So we are grazing on your lands.  You do not want this.  You come at us with your anger and your shotguns.  But you have left us little choice.  We are now eating from the land that you tend.  The land that you have poisoned.  You are poisoning the crops, the land, the ground water with toxic chemicals, contaminants and aberrations of nature.  We are now carrying away with us your diseases.  We are so saddened by this loss.  We are saddened by your carelessness.    We are aware that some of you do this with intention.  You have forgotten that we are One.  All beings.  Mother Earth.  What you do affects many for generations yet to come.  Ours and yours.  You must act now.  It is not too late.  We need the young ones who have come forth to remember their mission to change the planet.  They are here to fight.  But not with the swords of battle.  They are here to fight with knowledge.  Become the scientists that care to search out renewable fuel sources and sustainable food supplies without chemicals and contaminants.  There are long term affects and consequences to each decision you make.  Not just for you but for everyone and everything on the planet.  Everything goes into the Earth and into our belly's.  Yes, the story of the Corn Maiden.  Corn was a sacred gift.  And its seeds were the first to be destroyed with your chemicals.  It seems like an omen, no? To the destruction of the Earth.  There is still time to make changes.  If we all work and come together.  As ONE.  Instead of clear cutting the forests that already know how to get it right, why don't you clear cut that frankin-food supply and start again.  According to Natural law and Nature's way.  It is the only way for us to live."