Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raven's World-3

Raven would like to speak to you on Wednesdays, it seems. She welcomes your comments and questions. Here's her thoughts for today:

"We (your animal companions and guides), like you, need food for sustenance for our bodies and our cells. We like many of you are sensitive to what is in the food. We (unlike you) generally do not get to choose what we eat. You have very strong wills, you see. Not many of you understand that you can ask us and we will tell you. So please watch what you feed us. We would do better with organic animal food. Or even better, homemade with all the proper additives if you're willing to do the research (or listen to us). And when you feed us your food, it should be pure. Otherwise we will be eating the same toxins that you are. And we will keep getting the same cancers that you do."


  1. sam just came over and slurped my foot. i think she wants a cookie!!!

  2. Last night Halley asked for nettles and garlic with her dinner kibble (yeah--I know). The boy fed her this morning, but tonight she wanted chopped romaine lettuce, bee pollen and garlic.

    She wants garlic with almost every meal!