Monday, January 5, 2009

who am I to judge?

I suppose it could happen to anyone. It goes along with that metaphysical concept that I'm always spouting about us being all one. If we are truly all one, you could get confused as to which teammates are yours. You could repeatedly throw the ball to members of the other team. Even though you've stopped the dolphins from advancing in the playoffs, perhaps you're working for a larger purpose-- such as sharing equally or peace on earth.

I've been enjoying being part of others' blogs where we've been sharing how we've been cooking in concert with our husbands lately. I think I have the topper. Last night the husband not only cooked the fish using a new recipe with garlic mashed potatoes and beans. But he actually CAUGHT the fish, too!!!! (last summer, it was defrosted from our freezer).


  1. LOL... that is so weird... last night beloved brought home... get this - raw clams and shrimp - he proceeded to shuck and prepare all 30 clams for him and the girls, and i had the shrimp! he also made artichokes while i heated up the leftovers... so not only are we cooking in tandem...w e are eating similar things!!!!!!!

  2. okay...that is weird...(and maybe it's simply the law of attraction at work)

  3. I do all the cooking but, I like it that way. Hubby eats and that thrills me (especially after dating some pretty picky eaters). But, we had shrimp and salmon last night done in cedar wraps. I see a theme here.