Friday, August 1, 2014

Message to Lightworkers

The following message was channeled by Laura Rose from the All:

Message for Lightworkers:

"Dreaming yourself awake, that is what it is all about now.  It is not about doing it the hard way anymore.  You are watching people squirm and scream through the pain of resistance.  It is getting them nowhere.  The Earth is fighting back and it is through the voice of the women that she will be heard.  The Earth knows the history of mankind and the web of creation from the beginning.  She understands all that is meant to be.  Those working in harmony with her and the old ways will succeed.  Others who refuse will be left behind.  Your job is to wait for someone to reach out their hand for help and guidance.  It is extra difficult because you really cannot possibly save everyone.  The idea now is to save yourself and help those worth fighting for along the way.  It is a time of tremendous change and transition.  Like never before.  We have not seen it.  It is a great awakening for some and they will experience euphoria--heaven on earth.  For others they will not fare so well.  The change must be embraced as the old ways return.  It is a ride on the feminine energy and voice.  Stay true to Her-Story.  Sing her songs.  Dance to her rhythms.  And all will be well as it should be.  It is painful to leave so many behind.  But this must be done.  Each soul has a right to access his or her freedom.    There will be great controversy ahead.  Stand strong in who you are.  Fight the good fight.  You must do it Her way!"