Thursday, January 29, 2009

A perfect moment

Yesterday was a day filled with many wonderful moments. I'm left with one that felt most perfect. The snow and ice were falling outside. I was blessedly inside, having rescheduled my work. The husband was out plowing (with his amazing ability to fly around in those conditions like the winter warlock that he is). The son was still abed (no school-itis). The fire was burning (Pele in all her glory as my hawaiian friend reminded me). The cats were curled up in their respective cozy corners of the house. I was under an afghan curled up on the couch myself, with raven at my feet and shaya (yes, I really do have another dog...he just prefers to stay out of the spotlight) under my arm. Just as I was drifting into a nap, I saw my mom come in (from the other side) and I felt her brush the hair away from my face. My breath was deep and steady and all seemed right with the world.

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