Friday, January 23, 2009


While hosting the psychic and mediumship development circle last night at The Purple Rose, our discussion turned to the topic of 'teachers'. There's that old saying, 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears.' There's another quote I found (though I don't recall the author) which is "A good teacher simply reminds the student of what he (or she) already knows." I love that one because I truly believe that when I step into the role of teacher, I'm there to empower my students. That if I do my job right, they will soon not need me anymore. Especially in the world of psychic gifts. I believe our gifts are our birthright. They are already within us. They don't come from anyone or anything outside of us. I'm just there to remind you how to use them. And I'm always fully aware that the roles are shifting constantly. There is always so much I'm learning from my 'students', too!


  1. Absolutely! I learn so much from those that show up to learn from me. It is a vital relationship in my life ... and I so often say that my charge in life is reflected in my name (as it was given to me): rosemary - the herb of remembrance to the Victorians ... and so it is that I am here to remember that which has been forgotten ... and to facilitate the same in others.


  2. so very true!! and rosemary was the herb of remembrance long before the victorians... ophelia lists it in hamlet in her mad scene... there's rosemary... that's for remembrance :). the only reason i know that is because i played ophelia in high school... maybe that's when i discovered how much fun it is to be crazy :).

  3. it is so true - the teacher learns so much from her students no matter what the age
    I was able to listen to your show live yesterday - it was great - I was going to call but I was enjoying listening to you too much to interupt
    and I'm glad annie put the plug in for you

  4. Thank you so much Kim, I appreciate the feedback. I love talking to callers!! but that's what spirit was telling me too...people were enjoying the story!!...which of course was from the animals...not me!!