Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say it aint so

It's so funny that as a child I would make fun of my mother for listening to talk radio. I could not fathom why she did not want to listen to music, especially in the car where I was trapped with her. The irony, of course, is that now that I'm an adult (or at least that's what my biological age keeps showing me) I, too, listen to talk radio. (and music, too) Last night I was watching the local news (which I try to do sparingly because it is so "fear feeding") and discovered that WTIC talk radio is letting Colin McEnroe go. I find Colin to have keen intelligence, sharp wit and candor about topics that most other reporters just spin. I'm am also grateful that he welcomed me onto his radio show as a guest a couple of times. He is surprisingly open about spiritual topics. We discussed the wheel of the year and the changing of the seasons. How we can honor nature and live in harmony with its cycles. How we can honor our loved ones on the other side. In my humble opinion his absence will cause a tremendous imbalance in their programming and I look forward to hearing his perspective again elsewhere.


  1. ... and the irony expands into the fact that you have a talk radio show!

    (and yeah ... my new year began at Samhain we well!)


  2. say it aint so!!! i remember when wtic cancelled colin in the mornings shortly after i moved up here... where's he going??

  3. haha - he was so nice to us... maybe we could ask him to be on our new blogtalk show :))

  4. after listening to colin's last show, it does not appear that he has a place to go. (yet)