Friday, January 2, 2009

Raven's World-1

When I began this blog, I had a strong feeling that my black lab, Raven, wanted to be heard. I even joked with my husband that she needs her own blog. The name "Raven's World" kept coming to me over and over again. (From her, I'm sure) Since I don't have the time or energy to do two blogs I told her that she can share mine whenever she has something to say. Here's Raven's message for today:
"We are your guides, you know. Your animals. We are here with you at this time. We all have different purposes. In what we are meant to show you. It would behoove you to pay more attention. Some of you pay no attention at all. Mostly we remind you that you are loved. Purely. Without condition. We wish you would see yourselves as we see you. We are healers. We reflect to you what needs healing. We want so much for you to be happy. And to reclaim your joy. I keep grabbing my leash. My family would benefit from walking me more. In the woods. In nature. But like most of you they are too busy to listen."


  1. poor raven... she is aware that its really cold out, right? buddy was giving me the same look... "i'd love a walk right now mama and so would you".... until i took him out in this sub arctic weather...then all of a sudden he was quite content to unconditionally love me cuddled at my feet!!! how about in between the Plowable Snow Events, we work on fifty degree weather!!!!

  2. Today must be the day of the dog.

  3. Halley exhausts me without even going out ... oh, we do that to, but not for long! We love them. We do our best.

    Is it that They're just better at it?
    Or is it that it's somehow easier for them?
    Or that that they just *make* it (look)so easy?