Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Power & Light of our Ancestors

I am honored to offer Spiritual Guidance for so many people in my work as an Intuitive Medium.  I have had the privilege of connecting to so many loved ones on the other side for so many wonderful, open, beautiful clients.

Last night in a meditation journey I was doing I saw ALL of our loved ones.  They call themselves our Ancestors.  These are the Ancestors of All people, not just my own or even those of my clients. They are from All tribes and cultures.  All our Relations.  All light beings joined with us here on Earth. 

If we were to quantify them, the number would be astonishing.  We lose sight of them (pun intended) when we incarnate.  But, they are present with us nevertheless.  We are not walking this Earth alone.  

Our Ancestors say this is a time of expansion like never before.  They gave me two visions (options) for us.  One is the option of a Spiritual Awakening to meet up with the expansion of energy.  In this vision we are being metaphorically pushed off a cliff.  As we let go, we are given our wings and we fly!  The other option for us is a metaphorical "free fall" off the cliff.  We free fall until we awaken. Either option is a choice for us to make.  Each is of our own creation although one is certainly a much smoother ride than the other.  No matter which we choose (or maybe a bit of both from time to time) we are never out there alone.  We are always being guided to a better place for us.

They wish for us to remember we are not alone.  They are of the Light Source and so are we.  We are all One.  We are all in this together.  The force of Light focused with us here on our planet is great (infinite).  (So much more than we can see or even fathom.)  There is only Light.  Nothing else matters.


Laura Rose