Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Web of Creation, Web of Light

The following is a channeled message by Laura Rose from GrandMother Spider.  GrandMother Spider is an important Creation figure in some Native American cultures.

GrandMother Spider is reminding all of us that:

"We are creating along the Web of Creation, the Web of Light that connects us all.  We use our experiences and transmute the poisons to create anew.  GrandMother Spider connects all of us on her Grid of Light.  She connects All through the light within everything.  It is only light.  That which reflects as a shadow is not is an illusion, a reflection that is easily extinguished by the reminder, the shining of light.  Creation is female.  It is the the women who create.  Everyone has been birthed through the women of all time.  The umbilical cord is the piece of the silken Web temporarily severed so Earth's children can find their own way, find their own light.  Find their own way home, to wholeness, the wholeness of Creation.  The spider has its fangs and it has poison to show us that it is all in how we use our energy, our words and our actions.  We carry its strength.  Do we take the venom of our experiences and spew it forth or do we transmute it into beautiful creative works of art, whatever their form.  It is ultimately our choice along our chosen path."