Friday, July 31, 2015

Calling all Healers...

"The times they are changing.  You cannot be a healer now the way you have been before.  Well, you can, of course, but you will find yourself swimming against the current more and more until you can no longer hold on. 

Healer heal thyself has never been more true for you.  You are the only person you can ever heal anyway.

In the new wave of energy the focus is on self…self responsibility and self care.  You must find your own self alignment and allow others to find theirs.  Remember you are an illuminator for others.  We like that word illuminator.  You are never “healing” them.  You are only illuminating the possibility of healing for them.  You are the space holder…holding that space for them…inspiring within them the opportunity for them to find their own alignment with well being.  You do this by finding your own.  Then they know that it is possible for them.

You must hold them within your mind and heart as already well.  Hold onto the truth of their full potential for wellness.  If you focus on the list of all that appears to be wrong with them then that is what is being amplified.  What is amplified is what is created.  You must know that well being abounds and let that be your focus.

For those who are absorbers of energy (our empath friends) if you focus on the sickness not only are you amplifying their un-well-ness, you run the risk of absorbing it.

Putting yourself first means that you are connecting to the wellspring of well being before you focus your attention on someone else.  Take the self out of that negatively connotative word “selfish”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When you have sacrificed yourself for another you have done neither of you a service.  If you are connected to source first within yourself then you can more fully illuminate wellness for another. 

Let go of the desire to “fix” someone else.  Let each individual soul enjoy his or her own life path.  Allow them the freedom, the choice…give them the power to fly on their own to new heights of awareness and wellness…while you enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze of your own feathered nest." 

Channeled from the All by Laura Rose