Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raven's World-174

Today we hear from our Duck friends once again.  They came in to share in Raven's World 170 also.  Here's what they have to say today:

"We can help you heal your emotions.  Emotional well being leads quite naturally to overall well being.  We see many of you have energies that are clogged and bogged down with emotional byproducts like fear, anger, resentments....  There are healthy alternatives to the way it has always been for you.  We will have you swimming free in no time at all!  When you honor your heart and become fully aware that Spirit has only love for you.  And as a reflection of Spirit you hold only love for yourself, too!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Raven's World-173

It seems at this time our fears are really being brought to the surface to be acknowledged and cleared.  Here are animals that have stepped forward to help us.  Today we are hearing from the "Bunnies"!!:

"The truth often lies dormant somewhere beneath the surface.  As you begin to scratch down deep beneath the surface you will find your core.  Your core is pure unadulterated LOVE!  Love is your only truth.  We can help you peer down the rabbit hole and dig through your fears and other debris to discover the unique you bathed in Love that has been waiting to fully shine forth!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Raven's World-172

Today we are hearing a message from the "Honeybees"!!!:
"Remember that there is always a balance to everything.  You can always choose any point on the spectrum of all things.  You can choose to act from fear and that is when you get 'stung'!  Or you can choose the opposite end of the spectrum and find joy in all creation!  Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between.  We wish to show you that you can live your life from this joyful place.  It is a choice that you are making.  Our labor of love brings to you the sweetest of desserts and nature's best medicine!  It is our gift to you!  Remember that 'honey' has the same vibratory note as 'money' as you sing your song of joy!"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Angel Message

The Angels would like to share the following message with you at this time:

"Everything that you put into your body matters.  Everything.  The purity level, the quality, the a-live-ness of your food.  Food is fuel for the engine that is your body.  At this time there is very little margin of error for your choices.  Everything is taking hold much more quickly than every before.  Everything is being amplified.  Every extra pound, every nutrient or every toxin in your food is amped up.  And you are experiencing the effects of the choices you are making immediately.  Pay attention to this information and the information your body is telling you.  Listen to your body.  It will let you know what is right for you.  Follow this guidance into the Light!  The Lighter you!"

We will talk more about Angelic Insights on Monday night's show:  (7-8:00 pm)
"Discovering Nature's Spirit" radio show

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Raven's World-171

On today's Raven's World we have a visit from and give voice to the Dolphins!!:
"Manna, life force energy.  It's not just about breath...the inhale and the exhale (although that is powerful, too).  It is about the living fully with joy in every moment!  We hear our human friends say things like, "I'll relax when __________"; or I'll enjoy this if _________".  You must see that you have to relax and enjoy now, in this moment, to create future joyful moments!!!!  Do not wait.  There is only now!"