Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's going to get better!

The first question I asked Michael Jernegan in my pre-interview with him for my radio show this Thur. (3pm EST) is "is it gonna get better?" "Yes." He emphatically assured me. Michael is an astrologer with over 30 years experience and I must let you know he accurately predicted the election long before the election took place. So when he assures me it'll get better, I'm relieved. So let's make a deal to turn off those scary news reports, tell your friends and acquaintances to stop harping on the drama, stop buying into words like "crisis", and turn on shows, well, like mine. And we know that even if it's all hogwash (which I don't believe it is), if we all focus more on the positive then that's what we all create anyway!!! Give it a try, I say, we've certainly got nothing to lose.


  1. i believe i believe i believe!!!! (now you've done it... sam's saying she and raven could do a blog together...)

  2. No arm-twisting here!

    I've been turning off *those* reports for a long while now. Instead, I choose carefully the news I choose to read ... and I read from many sources as well. Like history, current events are a matter of perspective and there are multiple truths to honor (to which a part of me curses!).

    Things ARE getting "better" already ... and yet spirit reminds me to surrender *my* definition of "better" and be open, aware and conscious of the "betters" that best serve the All.

    And that's the "better" I am manifesting! Right now!


  3. I agree! Embrace the hope and erase the fear!

  4. I agree. If we believe it will get better or believe it will get worse we are right. I choose to believe it will get better.