Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Raven's World-222

Today we hear from the Horses!:

"Lean on us for a while.  We can help you stay strong through the storms of life.  We are good at standing in place and letting the winds blow all around us without ever being knocked down.  Call on us to stand beside you.  We are One."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back with you soon

Work has been blessedly busy this week. I wont have a chance to channel a message for today. I'll catch back up with you ASAP!! Blessings, Laura

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Raven's World-221

Today we hear from the Ducks!:

"Peace and tranquility occur from finding your own special space on the pond.  Gliding along feeling the breeze in your feathers with your feet dangling in the water.  Sunshine shining down upon you.  Nature at its best.  You are a part of the cycles and circle of Nature.  It can feed you.  It can heal you.  Take a break and take a breath enjoying nature.  Relax and know that all is truly well."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raven's World-220

Today we hear from the Pandas!!!

“Our numbers are low but we have no fear. We know we are all one. We are but one aspect of the Creator and Creation will never cease. We will live on even if it is in a new Light. We know all is well. We came here today to assure you that all is well for you, too. We can help you transform any fear you may be experiencing. Call upon us and we will wash fear away from your energy and fill you once again with light.”

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Secret of Well Being

The Secret of Well Being channeled from the All by Laura Rose

“Everything you need for your own well being is already within you. Please hear these words and feel the truth in them. Everything else is just a side show. The less attention you pay to what your neighbor is doing; the less attention you pay to what your coworker is doing; and the less attention you pay to what your government is doing, the better you can make your own life experience. They will try to distract you. But that distraction is just an illusion designed to deceive you into believing your well being is dependent upon something or someone outside of yourself. All of the resources you will ever need are already within you. The secret is remembering how to tap into the well spring within you. Aligning your energy to the ever flowing abundant stream that is life, life force, will bring to you everything flowing forth from your heart’s desire. It does not come from anyone or anything else. Ever. Everything in your life is there because you created it. Everything. So we implore you to become a more active participant in this creation. Align your thoughts, beliefs and energy toward this flow. Toward what you want to bring to yourself. Source is truly the “Source” of all that you need. And you are Source in body. Force yourself to pay less attention to the distractions and then ease yourself into alignment with the Source of All within you. Do whatever it takes.”

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Message for Fall, 2013

Today's message is channeled from the All as a message for the fall of 2013. You will find it on the Special Feature section of my website above.