Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Channel from the Angels

Here is a channeled message for you from the Angels:

"You know those tin camping cups?  We see so many of you holding them out.  That is exactly what it looks like from our view.  Empty cups.  You are reaching your arm out as far as it can go, but it is still an empty cup.  Many are expecting someone else to fill it.  Or something else to fill it.  Something or someone beyond you.  This, you see, is impossible.  We even see you reaching your cups out to us.  While we would love to assist you in any and all ways, we simply cannot in this case.  When you are standing with an empty cup you are not a match for the fullness of who we are.  You are not a match to the fullness of who you are meant to be in this lifetime.  If we did fill your cup for you with Spirit light (or whatever else you are seeking) it would be like a cup with a sieve on the bottom.  The Spirit light would quickly leak out emptying again and again.
If you were to own the Spirit light already within you, you would hold out a cup filled with light. Then we can bring to you EVERYTHING, a plethora of miracles, blessings and abundance, all that you seek.  You would be a perfect match to your own desires.  You must fill your own cup."

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fairy New Year's message for you today!

How about a three card reading today from Doreen Virtue's magical messages from the fairies cards. The fairies say that as the New Year dawns, many of us are wanting to bring control and order to the uncontrollable. We look around at the world around us and we wish we could evoke change. The only way to create the world we wish we could live in is to start from within. Surrendering to our light more and more will get us there. The vegetarian card comes as a reminder to eat lighter. To shine our light on all levels includes feeding the body with light. This includes pure high vibration foods. Sometimes it is easier to start on the physical level. As we feed our body with light our energy lifts and shines brighter as a result. Don't forget to ask your angels, fairies, spirit, whatever you believe in, for what you want. They remind us they are right there beside us through every step we take. We do not have to do this work alone.

Channeled by Laura Rose