Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From Scared to Sacred

Here is a message for you from the Angels & the Masters:

"It is just a quick flip of two letters.  That is all.  A two letter difference between the words scared and sacred.  Do you see it?  A two-step shift in your perspective creating a new view for yourself.  So we ask you how are you feeling about yourself?  Do you accept the dogma and the lies being pumped in to you at every turn or do you finally see the truth about yourself?  Can you change your view and see yourself as we see you?  Sacred.  Inside and out.  Let us start there.  What may occur around you whether obvious blessing or contrast, you can navigate in a sacred space.  You are not the circumstances around you (never mind those farther away).  Your worth is not measured by the circumstances, people, or events around you.  They may be your teachers.  But they are not the sacred You.  You are sacred.  Know that you are sacred.  Believe it down deep within your soul where you recognize the truth of who you are, and live your life from that place.  Make choices from the sacred place within.  Surround yourself with the sacred.  Spend more time in sacred space.  The rest will take care of itself.  Your life will begin to change for the better.  It all starts from a different view.  A two-step simple shift."