Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raven's World-4

To hear more about Raven and to learn her story, be sure to tune into my radio show tomorrow (at 3 p.m EST) or catch it on archive if you miss it live!

Here's Raven's thoughts for today:
"We (your animal guides and companions) want you to live in the moment. Enjoy the now. This space is all that there is. We distract you from the day to day worries, stress and doldrums you fall into. We hear you and are really here for you now. You are busy regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. When we nudge your arm with a toy in our mouth, it is for you to stop. Pay attention. Play, now. In this moment. For not only is it all there is. It'll make the next moment so much better!"


  1. "Play. Now."

    Yes ... I get that reminder frequently from my sweet Halley. Like I need it! :D BTW ... she is the 1st four-legged of this physical realm that I've received *distinct* messages from. It is such a blessing.

  2. Yes, and Delilah comforted me so last night.