Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday I went plowing! Okay, I didn't really plow. I just road along with hubby. And only for a couple of hours. He was out for over 24 hours! About a foot in our area. More tomorrow...woot!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Raven's World-58

Here's what Raven would like to share today:
"Go with the flow! We (your animal friends and companions) have said it before. But it is worth repeating. Flow is so essential to your well being. It will bring 'ease' to wherever you are. Resistance to the natural order blocks all that you dream. And it blocks relief of your situation. So if you are sick, rest. If you are struggling, let go. Whatever it is, 'fighting' against it will certainly make 'it' worse, or invite 'it' to stay longer. Trust us. We know because we always go with the flow!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Never enough

Another walk. Still never enough for Miss Raven!
In fact just got a call from friends wanting to walk today with puppies. That canine magickal girl can manifest!

Friday, February 19, 2010


While you would find it hard to believe now with all the activities I participate in on-line, I was very resistant to the internet at first. I didn't even own a computer until I was opening The Purple Rose and knew it was time to move into the future especially for the business. I was thinking of all of that recently because the other thing that I miss is a good old fashion camera. Remember how we used them and then had film developed. Physical albums of memories were created. Now I use a digital (and even my cell phone, too) and I realized all the pics are inside the camera or inside a computer and my albums are not updated. I, like most people, mostly have pics of my family (including 4 leggeds) and friends. And when I was perusing my albums the other day I noticed Merlin was basically non-existent because he was our latest rescued feline and captured all digitally. So I'll honor him above here and make time to print out actual photos with our photo printer thingy-what's-it. Because I enjoy looking through those old fashioned albums!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raven's World-57

Here's what Raven would like to share today. She has more to say about the words we choose and what that conveys energetically! If you have a question for Raven, just leave a comment and she'll answer you in her next post!
"The Universe turns your negatively worded desires into positive statements. And that brings exactly what you do not want. So when you say, "I don't want more bills." The universe brings more bills because that is what is matching the energy of your statement. Or if you say, "I'm sick and tired of getting college rejection letters." You'll get more rejections. Or you get more sick and tired!! So positively word them instead. "I want abundance." "I'm receiving acceptance letters." And that is what you'll get."

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am honored to host spiritual psychic development circles at The Purple Rose. There is an introductory two part class called Psychic Remembrance. Then the initial circle called Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle meets once a month for six months where we explore various ways to use our gifts and I provide the practice time and setting. For those who are interested in continuing, Spirit helped me to develop an Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle which meets once a month for another six months. In the advanced setting we delve more deeply into the different Spiritual realms and what it is like to channel and work with them. This past week marked the end of the current advanced group. It has been such an honor to watch everyone become more confident in their innate intuitive gifts. I'm grateful that spirit has provided through me the right combination of techniques, encouragement and a safe and compassionate psychic playground for everyone who is drawn. It has been such a delight. I've watched everyone succeed in their own unique way. It's important for those of us who assume the role of "teacher" to remember that each person's gifts are their own. They really don't need me at all. Gifts are innate. Our individual connection to spirit strong when we remember. What I hear most from the participants is that they are grateful to have a place to come. In regular life our gifts can get lost. And talking about them is not always welcomed by those around us. With this graduation, I received the most beautiful words from the students. They told me that I provide a rose garden for them. That they are each a seed who come to the purple rose garden to bloom. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raven's World-56

Here's what Raven would like to share today:
"Trying. Just get rid of that word from your vocabulary. At best it carries the energy of not succeeding. At worst it carries the energy of difficulty. Watch your words. They create your world. Play with other choices. Ones that carry joy, positive energy and will create the life you want. Even simple sentences like, 'I'm trying a new lipstick' can be changed to 'I'm delighting in a new lipstick'! Joy it up out there."

Monday, February 8, 2010

The fun continues...

Weekend turned out even better than anticipated. Enjoyed a wonderful Saturday lunch with a friend and then an evening with friends and sons. Sunday we actually got to have the whole family together for the superbowl. We are the kind of people that actually watch the game. It is a good thing too because the commercials were not that exciting. The Saints however were! Wanted to take the dogs for a walk today with friends but I see flurries, wind chill stuff and teens on my outdoor thermometer. Chances of me being out in those conditions slim to none...though you never know!
Check out master herbalist, Gayle Nogas, of Gayles Thyme on our show tonight! (7 pm est)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend fun?

Other than Raven's words, I haven't had a lot of time to be creative on posting. Been busy with work and family stuff. The other night at The Purple Rose, we were discussing lightening up. And that is what I really need. I want to dedicate this weekend to, well, being a weekend. Since I work most weekends it can be a bit of a challenge to just enjoy a weekend. So I'm going to weave this weekend differently and start a whole new pattern. Making time to enjoy friends and family. Moving more in flow than in need. And must important, having fun, no matter what!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raven's World-55

Here's what Raven would like to share today:
"Hope really is a healer. Do not give it up. Keep the fire burning. Keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep hope alive no matter how dark it seems. The light will come. It always does."