Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indigo children

Yesterday I was doing a reading for a woman who has an 'indigo' son. (like I do) The metaphysical world has classified children energetically. (Doreen Virtue has authored quite a bit of information) There are indigos, crystals, rainbows... The indigos have some common characteristics such as intuitive, warrior, don't do well in old fashion institutional, structured settings, can see through the bull***t, ... Basically they are here to pave a new way. One without greed and fear. One that honors all beings and the Earth. And it dawned on me as I was doing this reading, that the new administration has pledged to shift all these same old ways. And it dawned on me that the youth vote was vitally important. And it dawned on me that there are some older indigos out there, too. And I realized that it's really working!!

On a different note, as I'm blogging this very post this morning, the husband just came into our office and handed me a cup of coffee. What a wonderful way to start the day!


  1. aw, im so glad you're back to coffee!!! coffee is a wonderful way to start the day!!! (almost as good as sex...:))) ) and you know you are an indigo too!!! claim it!! be it!!! (isn't that from rocky horror picture show?!)

  2. how sweet, that is a good way to start the day

    and you can feel the shift in th energy

  3. yeah, i mentioned to annie when she did my reading that i thought my son was indigo, she told me no that was me, he is the crytsal. anyway that does explain the new white house..and as I said in my post on obama, he gets it. wanna bet he is an indigo or the predecessor (is that rainbow??)

  4. My understanding is that indigos came first to pave the way with their warrior energy. Then came crystals, then rainbows and I think there's a new category now, but I can't recall the name. I've found that sometimes we're a blend. Not everyone fits perfectly into one category. And I would think that obama has quite a bit of indigo!