Saturday, February 27, 2016

A personal note about Raven

Raven, our amazing black lab, has made her transition across the rainbow bridge to the other side this month.  She decided to come in and leave (12 years later) in February, her birthday month.  She was an integral part of our family and she also provided a channel to the Animal Kingdom here on our Purple Rose Musings blog.  She was potty trained at the first location of The Purple Rose in Canton and she used to come to work with me every Friday when The Purple Rose was housed in that old red barn building.  She would bring comfort, healing energy, and messages to our wonderful customers and clients.  Her physical presence will be missed but I am certain we have not heard the last from her from Spirit!!  As a special hello from heaven from Raven, the urn that was randomly provided to us from an outside company unfamiliar with our work, just happened to be a beautiful green box covered with purple roses!!!  

There is no new channeled message this month, but there are plenty of old "Raven's World" posts to choose from archived here on our blog.