Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new hope

I am not here to pass judgment on anyone or anything. I am not here to say that one event is "good" and one event is "bad". I cannot begin to know our overall divine plan. But when I see the surreal image on the tv screen of that huge plane floating on the hudson river with all the passengers waiting patiently for rescue. When despite the desire to 'feed the flame of fear', the newscasters were forced to quickly assure us all are safe. Because they were. Sitting there in front of the tv with tears of relief that I was not watching yet another tragedy. I saw ordinary people doing extraordinary things (the pilot, the crew, the passengers, the boats...). I had a knowing that something more was at play. More than even a pure divine piece. There was a "human" piece. It was a community (state, nation) in a vibration of love instead of fear. And I was watching the miracles that can result. When we come together collectively in a vibration of love. And I could not help but wonder whether the timing was purely coincidental. As tue. approaches. Perhaps we are truly breathing in new hope collectively. Just imagine what we all can do!


  1. you know the timing's not purely coincidental!!! and just think... there's even going to be a First Grandmother in the white house!!!

  2. I want to beleive, I do beleive it was not purely coincidental. We are on the edge of a new beginning and hope is growing in our hearts collectively.

  3. A huge disaster averted by the cool thinking of the pilot, the commander in-chief of the aircraft. As above-so below. What a great omen for our country & the world.