Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It certainly feels like an exciting day today. No matter what your particular persuasion.

Raven is doubly excited this week. Not only does she get her column tomorrow on my blog (raven's world), but also this thur.'s radio show is about animal guides and helpers. She will be receiving honorable mention on the show, too! If you'd like to call in to the show, I can share with you what animal guide(s) are with you at this time and how they are helping you.

Also, exciting is a give away of winter comfort items on annie's blog. Check it out!


  1. thank you for the mention!!!! who is your guest on thursday?? and are you making that calm before stormy seas available to all?

  2. this thur.'s show is based on the workshop i teach about the animal kingdom...i wont have an outside guest for this one...yes, the new flower ess. 'calm during stormy seas' is available to all!