Monday, January 12, 2009

Calm during stormy seas

Usually the full moon is my creative, full of life time. This past moon was different. She instead shone her unusually bright light on old baggage I'm still carrying that is no longer serving me. In my experience with many of my clients, too, we are moving through waves of old grief, fear, limiting beliefs, and whatever else is lurking in that old suitcase. My understanding is that it will help us to manifest more fully what we desire. Which is great, but, in the meantime, quite frankly, some days are just plain tough. Spirit recently channeled through me a new Flower Essence. This is the first blend I've done (the others are single flowers). It's called 'Calm during Stormy Seas'. Flower essences can work with the emotions and spirit behind an issue or condition (they are different from aromatherapy). They harness the highest vibration of the plant which when combined with our own energy can bring forth our innate ability to heal ourselves. My new blend has been really helpful for me. It's my own version of what some of you may know as Bach's rescue remedy, but I use local flowers and, of course, my healing and magical touch! (you can always learn more about my essences on my website or just ask!)


  1. I'd love to purchase and try your FE blend! My own little FEs have been whispering to me lately ...


  2. Rose, I'll bring you some soon!!!