Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doesn't get better than that...

Yesterday was one of those rare days that just flowed effortlessly. Annie and I were busy at The Purple Rose. Every second Saturday we do readings together. Co-link, if you will. It's an amazing experience for us and often for our clients we've been told. We are able to join in the loving channel that brings forth messages and reach even higher vibrations together than we could alone. During the day I received two unexpected gifts (just because, they said). I came home just as the snow was beginning to coat the roads. (perfect timing as I do not enjoy driving in the snow) I walked in to find that the husband had a fire waiting for me. I made a cup of tea, popped some corn and joined the husband under the blanket to spend the snowy, new england, weekend as 'God' intended...watching the playoffs! (even though my dolphins are watching from their living rooms, too) We enjoyed an easy medley of left-overs for dinner including spaghetti squash with meat sauce.


  1. no, it surely doesn't!! yesterday was an amazing day!! and how funny is it that we're both making roast today!!!!!

  2. ... as "God" intended ... indeed!

    And hey - I *AM* a Roast today!


    Enjoy the playoffs! I'm sure anxious for the one-o'clock game ...

  3. sounds like a wonderful evening