Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The chicken soup was really good. I snuck in some kombu (kelp) for all its nutrients and some astragalus root of course for its immune boost with all the usual chix soup suspects as well. After going gluten free I've had to contend with rice pasta. Now, I'm an Italian girl and I used to be quite a snob about pasta. Rice pasta took a whole lot of getting used to. It wasn't until I found 'tinkyada' g.f. pasta that I thought I could do this at all. For the soup last night I tried mrs. leeper's corn pasta elbows just for something different. It wasn't that bad. I noticed at the health food store there's quinoa pasta, too. Out of all the g.f. grains that has the most fiber, calcium and protein. All that I need. I'll have to try that next!


  1. i am italian too, and i cannot used to any other pasta, i hate the color , i hate the taste..i just can't do it. thank goodness i don't have a gluten issue. i would go with regular basmati in my soup before i would put in gf pasta (LOL)

  2. yeah... i agree!!!!! rice instead of fake pasta!!! :)

  3. Quinoa is not gf, is it? Double check!

    My mom made some turkey soup with rice for herself the other day and was raving about it. Too cute.

    And for the record, astragalus does not stimulate (boost) the immune system, it *tones* it, :) It keeps it fit and ready and on the sidelines, without sending it into the game. (I think I'm already mourning the end of football season).