Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Raven's World-200

Today we celebrate our 200th channeled message from the Animal Kingdom!!!  And of course I knew it would be special.  As I was sitting at my computer checking emails, facebook and surfing the cat jumped up on the keyboard and kept nudging my hands with her face.  And so it is that our feline friends want to be heard today:

"We are trying to get your attention.  We are helping you to wake up.  So that you can live well and so that life will be easier for you.  Here's what we most want to say to you...Get off those computers, cellphones and other contraptions.  Get outside, sit down for a minute, meditate, daydream, nap...  Where are all of you?  You are "out to lunch", unavailable.  How can we help you when we can't even get through?"

And now that she's been heard, she is just sitting next to my keyboard patiently waiting me to finish this post and get the heck off the computer!!! lol

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation CD

Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation CD

By Laura Rose

In the Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation Laura Rose takes you on a relaxing journey to meet with your Spirit Guide(s). Spirit Guides are Love and Light beings that protect and guide us from the other side. They can help us in miraculous ways with everything from finding a new job to discovering our life’s purpose. Most of us have one main guide as well as many others helping us. Our guides are just waiting to connect with us more directly. The Purple Rose Spirit Guide Meditation is a twenty minute guided meditation that provides you with the opportunity to connect and communicate with your guides easily and effortlessly. You may purchase CDs by visiting The Purple Rose Healing Center by appointment or order online in the store merchandise section at!
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Raven's World-199

Today we hear from Owl:
"All that is not light presents a mere shadow of the truth."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The animals have returned with a message today!!  Wolf, Spider and Owl have joined together to bring us this one!:
"You are so much stronger that you realize.  Each one of you is connected to the Web of Creation~the Whole~All that is.  Your power lies in your ability to choose.  And so we urge you to focus on your connection to Light.  You choose through your thoughts, through your energy.  You choose through who you spend your time with.  You choose through what you spend your time doing.  Choose wisely."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Message from Archangel Raphael

Once again the Angels have a message to share on a Raven's World Wednesday!!  Don't worry, the animals are still very much with us.  And so it is all good.

Here is what Archangel Raphael has to share with all of us:

"We see you struggling to climb a mountain.  Whatever that is....whatever you are trying so very hard to create (a new romance, a new job, ...).  And you struggle, and you struggle and you struggle.  For all your human effort the mountain just seems to keep getting higher and higher.  We are suggesting that you ask us for help.  We will reach out and join you.  We will help you.  We will stand side by side with you as you reach for that dream.  If it is what is in Divine order and Creation for you....and if you are willing to let go of that struggle (surrender it to us fully)....what will unfold will be effortless and magical.  You will find that we have the ability to blast a tunnel right through the mountain.  Our tunnel for you is filled with light.  You will not have to climb at all.  It will be an easy stroll right through the mountain to your dream, hand in hand with us."