Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating the Future

Here is the latest channeled message from the Masters channeled by Laura Rose":

"The future is crystal clear.  It is always a part of your now.  We want you to get into the habit of understanding that you are always creating your future by what you are holding your attention to in the now.  You are always creating it. You are always the center of the universe and you are one with all of Creation.  You are always the center and it is always right now.  You are one with the Earth that houses your physical body and you are one with Spirit that flies free of your physical body.  And so you are more than.  You are expanding your consciousness.  You are climbing.  In baby steps.  That is why you have come forth for the joy of the creation.  It is the excitement of the unknown.  Anticipating all that has yet to form, all that has yet to be created.  You have been conditioned to be in fear of what you cannot yet see.  But this is the place of creation.  The lull before the storm, the pause before the next wave.  This is the place of power.  This in between place, this void, between that which was and that which is yet to be.  This is the center and this power flows through you and from you from Source.  This is your connection, Oneness with All that Is.  Ride it.  Enjoy it.  Be it.  And so it is."