Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raven's World-191

Today we hear from Moose!!:

"There is no one who does not take us seriously.  Our stature says it we hold ourselves speaks volumes and it does for you as you hold yourself.  Our antlers connect us to Great Spirit.  You have that connection within you as well.  Keep your head held high and your connection to Spirit strong."

We will be taking a couple of weeks off from Raven's World in honor of the holidays.  Blessings.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Angel Message

We honor the grief of all who are experiencing loss.  The Angels say that all the Souls who passed on Friday made a sacrifice for the world.  May it not be for naught.  It's a divine orchestration to bring the world together.  And may we continue sharing love in community.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raven's World-190~~12/12/12

Today as we enter the beautiful Light filled portal of 12/12/12, we hear from the Dolphins!!:
"Today is a day that connects the highest vibration of our Earth Mother with the highest vibration that humanity will allow.  We have been holding this space and frequency of light for all time.  Join our cry for peace as we herald in a new world order.  Bring back the light within yourself any way you can!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Radio announcement

I announced last night on our radio show, Discovering Nature's Spirit, that next Monday evening, Dec. 17, will be our last live show for a while.  I've been guided to take a sabbatical in order to work on some new projects that are coming forth. 

The archives of all the shows will still be available on the show page on (they are free to listen to and download) and we will be posting some of our favorites on our website as well,, but that will take some time to grab them all!

Thank you to all of you for listening to the show!!!  I hope that it has brought some hope, light and information to you!!

You can always contact me through the website if you'd like a reading or a healing session or would like to attend one of our many events! 

Any channelings that I receive and am meant to share will be posted here on my blog.  Also feel free to give The Purple Rose a "like" on facebook....we can continue to come together in light and love and community there!

Blessings and love,


Monday, December 10, 2012

Ancestors and Angels ~ channeled messages

The Angels were with me strongly yesterday reminding us all to eat "light"!!  Not only not eating heavy...but also remembering to eat foods that still contain Life Force Energy (Light)!!!  They say it's more important now than ever before as we get more and more sensitive.  They want us to eat Light-er!!  As our bodies shift and change to hold more light, only light can feed us effectively.  Our bodies can no longer process processed foods.  Processed foods carry no light.  They are "dead".  They say that cancer cannot exist in the Light....a diet of Light foods.  Light foods are pure foods closest to source.

I have another message to share.  This message is from the Ancestors and our Native American Guides:

"War is man made.  It is not a Creation of God.  We are born to love thy neighbor, not do them harm.  From the top down we dehumanize our cousins and then it is easier to kill.  But the demons do not go away.  And we are destroying the spirits of our young ones who sign up.  It is in fear that humans believe they are more worthy than another.  We are All made in the hands of God.  Dying is a natural process to be honored.  Not on these battlefields of today.  For what purpose do we create hatred.  It is based on lies.  Honor is found in defense of people about to be harmed.  We lived in alignment.  In connection with Great Spirit in all that we did.  Young people are being led to slaughter.  The old ways must return.  This is the cry from your youth.  Alignment with truth, that is an authentic use of their fighting spirit.  That is their mission, their cause, true justice, true honor."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goddess/Master channel

I recently channeled a powerful message from two Goddesses/Ascended Masters, Rhiannon and Morgana.  I was guided to share their words with all of you:

"You have a garden of colors and light within your Soul.  It is the code of creation.  All women have this and it is being activated within you.  Within your energy.  Within your DNA.  Women are the Creators and men are the protectors of Creation.  The human race has forgotten.  And we are coming forth now in droves to remind you.  We need your help to give us a voice your people will hear and honor."

We can discuss these words more on our show, Discovering Nature's Spirit, this coming Monday evening (7-8 pm est ~ free archives also available).  Also look for an additional channeled message before Monday's show!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raven's World-189

Today we hear from the Sea Creatures of the Ocean:

"Connect, bathe, and meditate with us.  We can bring cleansing and the comfort of home."