Friday, January 16, 2009

A plethora of thoughts

This morning I was up much earlier than I had intended. Our town has an automated phone call thing that lets you know when school is cancelled or delayed. Usually when they call extraordinarily early (actually ever since Annie posted her displeasure about early calls from her town on her blog, they've been calling a bit later), I have a chance at returning back to that sleep thing. Today, they could not make up their minds and called THREE times before they went ahead and just cancelled. I assume it was because of the cold since I see no precipitation outside my window. I'm sure the son is going to be really upset (~not) at not having his first midterm today (and a 3 day weekend to boot).

Speaking of cold, last night I needed two sets of pjs, one sheet, three blankets, one quilt and one furnace of a husband to keep me warm while I slept. The last time I had the courage to look last night, the thermometer read "2" outside our kitchen window. I truly wont warm up again until my oldest and dearest friend, the hot and humid weather, finally returns.

My cats are also quite unhappy with the current weather situation and starting to voice their displeasure. Because we live far away from any real traffic, we let the ones who wish venture out into the fresh air during the day. But anything below 20, we keep them in. I think they are going a bit stir crazy. I'm worried that we might soon see some sort of serious revolt. That and the husband found an organic brand of food that accommodates Midnight's troubled bladder (no ashe...). While we humans are very excited about the new food, they, the felines, are most certainly not.

Beautiful readers, I seem to have suffered a "blogging" injury. Because I'm hooked (okay, addicted) to blogging now that I've started it, and of course reading others' blogs as well, I spend much more time at the computer. Because I wear bifocals (since I was a young teen actually) I need to "lift" my head up and look "down" at the screen. Last night I actually suffered a stiff neck!! So I'm using the remedy that always worked when I was a small books on the chair!!!

And last but certainly not least, Michael on my radio show yesterday went through all of the astrological signs for what's coming in the year ahead!!! If you'd like to know just check out the archive (link on the right side of my blog)! He also went through what type of humanitarian offering would match up perfectly with each sign. Wicked cool stuff!


  1. and you even have central heat!!! this is what i mean!!!! what WERE they thinking???? and i am definitely going to be checking out the archives!!!! i was too daze-y yesterday to listen... but i thought happy thoughts!!!! :)

  2. I can't wait to listen to the archives now. I don't plan on leaving the house until sometime tomorow to visit with a friend. I'm going to change out of my pj's into my sweats and that's it.
    I've switched the animals over to food with no yucky stuff - all natural. I'm not to the organic point yet. I'll have to check into it.

  3. It is rather addicting isn't it? I spend far too much time doing it. It is rather theraputic in many ways.

  4. Phone books on the chair ... LOLOLOL!!!

    And thursday's show was awesome. I'm gonna listen to it again today!

    Stay warm!