Monday, January 19, 2009

Where will you be?

For my day off today I tried Quinoa flake cereal for breakfast (it's g.f. and high in fiber, protein and calcium) and not too bad with some brown sugar, while I enjoyed a cup of organic coffee. I had the house to myself for a bit of time which is always a welcome change. (as is having everyone together, too) Okay, yes I did play some Candlebox (candlebox post ) which inspired me to begin some much needed house cleaning. But then I stopped so I could have time to read a book and watch Oprah, too. It was a very inspiring show. It helped renew my excitement about tomorrow's historic, amazing, powerful, life-changing event. And I thought to myself when I discovered that our new president will be sworn in at noon, where will I be. And I realized with shock and horror that I will not have access to tv at that time. Hopefully the people around me will agree to listen to it on a radio. Because I realized I CANNOT miss it. So, I ask, beautiful readers, where will you be? Will you be listening, too?


  1. I may sneak out to do a little fresh food shopping, but for the most part I'll be home in my little hut catching glimpses of the ceremony online throughout the day.

  2. im going to be on my way home from waxing. i will probably get inside just in time to watch him leave the podium!!!! my friend debby will be sitting on his left!!!! she promised to wave her bra!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was at work but I amde sure I was in the breakroom in plenty of time to witness this wonderful occasion. I was surrounded by a lot of my co-workers. The only down side - my boss kept asking who would want to be there. Me!