Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oneness Channel from Nemo and Friends

One of so many blessings that I have experienced in the course of my work is meeting a service dog named Nemo.  He is one of a kind and is an amazing teacher.

He recently showed up in a meditation I was doing to bring forward a powerful message of Oneness for us all!!

This is what he told me:

He told me that I understand.  that he is not just a dog.  I understand the true concept of oneness.  We are all One.  No matter what our form.  True oneness is that he is a dog and he is a wolf and he is Grandfather (an elder Native American Ancestor), too.  All one.  He can blend with so many others of the star nations.  (here we were on our backs looking up at the stars).  at any time.  he is me.  I am him.  we are each our own unique blending of Source ever changing.  ever expanding into new energies of being.  becoming more through awareness.  each one has a unique piece of the puzzle of all that is.  and so we are all one in this way.  equal parts of the same whole.  

Then many Angels and Ascended Masters joined in to say:

"Energy is always moving and flowing.  It is responding to a focusing of energy in all vibrational frequencies.  It looks like a large amount of metal shavings (energies) moving toward a magnet (a particular focus).  Then the shavings get shaken up and are drawn to a new magnet (focus).  And then they get shaken up again and again.  It is never ending.  Forming new and different vibrational patterns at all levels of frequencies.  Whether the focus is a little girl's laughter or an old man's cry for help.  Nonphysical and physical energies all come together in response to this focus.  All who are of a similar frequency.  The same from Heaven as on Earth.  A flowing fluid grid of energetic light alignment connecting us all."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Simple Words from the Angels

Here is a channeled message from the Angels by Laura Rose:

"If it feels right to you then do it.  If it does not feel right then don't do it.  Either way you cannot go wrong because you are either going to enjoy the experience or learn something valuable from it."