Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spirit Light is Love

Since we have just passed Halloween (or Samhain) our Angels, loved ones on the other side, and the ascended masters wanted to bring forward a message about "spirits".  It seems there is much to do about nothing.  Halloween traditionally was a time to honor our ancestors.  When we pass to the other side we easily and beautifully return to the Light.  Our light helpers wanted to talk today about perhaps the small percentage of energies left behind outside of the full light.  Here is their message:

"Spirit light energy can take whatever form you would recognize.  Whatever form you are calling to you.  It is in response to your vibration.  It is not as if it is one cohesive being.  It is a blend of similar frequencies.  We would love for you to let go of the word “ghost” and other terminology that serves you not.  It inaccurately gives power to that which has not accepted the fullness of light.  It is just energy.  They are thought forms left behind.  They can remain at a variety of frequencies.  It is all etheric in nature, wisps of energies.  It can be released as easily as batting away an annoying bug.  You hold it to you by staying in the same vibrational frequency.  Words such as attachments, darkness, … can keep you away from your power, the true light of who you are.  Spirits of lower frequencies have no power but what you assign to them, the inroads you allow for them to cling to your energy field to harness your energy through the remnants you hold onto that no longer serve you, anything that is not light."