Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not diggin' it

Ordinarily, I am thrilled to find and watch shows that deal with the paranormal in a fairly accurate way. 'Fairly'. So I enjoy shows like 'medium' (where did that show go?) and 'ghostwhisperer' even though each of course will have their little quirks. And I am tremendously loyal to James Van Praagh (JVP) who was instrumental in my own mediumship training (and is one of the producers of ghostwhisperer). However, I have to tell you I am SO not diggin' the new story line. And I am still quite upset that they never explained last season's cliff hanger of prof. payne not seeing a shadow of one of the group of the cast of characters. Speaking of the cast of characters, do they constantly have to dwindle and or die. Is it just going to be Melinda wandering around aimlessly by herself talking to dead people. And is it possible for Melinda to speak to another psychic from time to time. One that can explain to her that when earthbound spirits cross into the light they are NOT GONE!!!! That our loved ones are still with us from the other side from the light. But in a healthier way than if they are earthbound. And one of the best parts of the show for me was that jim, her husband, believed in her and her gifts, but even more kept her grounded. Now that they decided to kill him off, she's way too out there for me. Which brings me to this whole jim 'walked in' to a random recently dead guy's body story line. Come on, I do this work and I'm not buying it. And she's following this poor stranger around like a pathetic puppy dog just waiting for him to miraculously turn back into her one true love. I tell you, I'm just not diggin' it. I can't imagine where they are going or if I can stay on much longer to watch. Beautiful readers, what do you think?


  1. ooh dont you want to shake her?? the second guy is no where cute as Jim was... so THAT makes her look even more pathetic... i dont believe the blonde chicky who showed up would be interested in that geeky guy!!!! ... and i totally agree with you... this show has jumped the shark!!!

  2. ::shrugs::

    I got nothin' for ya. I rarely watch TV these days. Saw a couple more good movies though! :)

  3. jumped the shark!!! that's priceless...go fonzi!! did i ever tell you that husband and i saw henry winkler at a dolphins game in miami?