Friday, April 7, 2017

Message of Support

"We (your Angels, Guides, Ancestors,…) are strongly focused there with you.  More so now than ever before in the history of all time.  To feel our presence and reassurance you must stay in the higher vibrations of light, hope, faith, and unconditional love from Source.  There is no stronger force than the light of who we are together with the light of who you are.  Focus on the light that is all around you.  To make a difference in your world, you must stand in the powerful connection of light.  From that place, you will be guided to inspired, appropriate action." 

Channeled by Laura Rose

(photo is from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Angel Reading

How about an angel reading for our transition from February to March!!? The angels are saying that this is a powerful time to step forward into your Divine Purpose. You have come forward at this time to shine your light brightly and to have confidence in the beautiful, spiritual, healing gifts only you can bring to the world.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mother Earth Channel for the New Year

"There is more to hope for now than ever before
So do not despair even for one moment in time

Our Mothers and Daughters and Sisters all know
The way forward through the darkness and into the light

We have all done this before
Time and time again

There is nothing new here
It is all an integral part of our herstory

We have always been lighting our own and each other’s candles
In the midst of the strong winds of change

We are gaining momentum now unlike any other time before
It has all been coming to this

Understanding, strength, wisdom & connection are our calling cards
Never underestimate the power and guiding light of the Woman

We are joining across the span of time and space
Across the oceans far and wide

We are carrying the voices of all generations
Those before us and those yet to come forth

There is only one path forward
Bringing the certainty of peace, light and divine love as only we can

For we are the Creators as we have always been
Bringing forth new life in all of its many forms

The prophesy holds true
There is only one way

The return of the Divine Feminine in all its glory
Shining brightly through everyone once again

The return is coming.
No matter what.

And it is so
Blessed be to all"

Channeled by Laura Rose from Mother Earth 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Message for the New Year, 2017

"The veil between our worlds is getting thinner and thinner for those of you who are committed to fine tuning your frequencies to the levels of your ancestors and all the beings of light who are here to help you create a new world.  It can be everything you have ever dreamed it to be.  Peace, light and hope abound, you have only to open the door and connect with all that you are.  Travel through the times, be the guiding light into the future.  It is going to be the best of times.  It can also be the worst of times, too.  The choice remains yours to make.  If you elevate your frequencies and release the baggage of old that weighs you down, there will only be one choice available for you to experience after all~love, joy, & all that is~ and you will then enjoy the best of both worlds."

Channeled by Laura Rose from the Angels, Guides & Masters

Friday, November 11, 2016

Creating a New World

"Many of you are in resistance right now.  And we understand.  We want you to remember what you resist, persists.  If you stay in your resistant place you will be creating more of that focus, whether you are resisting a person, an ideology or a structure.
We see a powerful time with so many people demanding change.  There is an asking right now like never before.  This is an impetus to a powerful awakening.  It is important to realize that down deep you are all seeking the same thing.  You have different labeling and you are all coming from your own unique perspective and beliefs.
Until you can look out at all the differing viewpoints and see them as one, you will continue to create the exact opposite from what you really want.  Your inner voice holds the truth.  It will show you the way forward and will lead you toward the freedom that you all seek.
Love will find a way but only if you are in love.  In love, you are each steadily flowing the power that creates a new world."

Channeled by Laura Rose from our Angels, Spirit Guides & Ancestors

We are not alone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Web of Creation, Web of Light

The following is a channeled message by Laura Rose from GrandMother Spider.  GrandMother Spider is an important Creation figure in some Native American cultures.

GrandMother Spider is reminding all of us that:

"We are creating along the Web of Creation, the Web of Light that connects us all.  We use our experiences and transmute the poisons to create anew.  GrandMother Spider connects all of us on her Grid of Light.  She connects All through the light within everything.  It is only light.  That which reflects as a shadow is not is an illusion, a reflection that is easily extinguished by the reminder, the shining of light.  Creation is female.  It is the the women who create.  Everyone has been birthed through the women of all time.  The umbilical cord is the piece of the silken Web temporarily severed so Earth's children can find their own way, find their own light.  Find their own way home, to wholeness, the wholeness of Creation.  The spider has its fangs and it has poison to show us that it is all in how we use our energy, our words and our actions.  We carry its strength.  Do we take the venom of our experiences and spew it forth or do we transmute it into beautiful creative works of art, whatever their form.  It is ultimately our choice along our chosen path."

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall, 2016, Channeled Message from Spirit

Here is the Fall of 2016 channeled message from Spirit by Laura Rose (found on the Special Feature section of our website):

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Feminine Remembrance

Found this important and powerful message on the facebook page "Source of the Earth" written by Caroline deLisser:

"She's coming into her power...
She no longer feels disconnected like she used to.
There was a time in her life when she felt painfully awkward and disempowered, but since her heart has opened her love is bigger than her insecurities and it is releasing the grip of her fears effortlessly. 
Her cloak of armor has fallen away leaving her exposed as she truly is and she's loving and appreciating her new found "self"...
Now she's embracing others and all of creation with her light,
She's no longer shrinking back or running away from her power...
Since her opening, she's become aware that she is a natural alchemist, that she was an alchemist all along but she was too blinded by her fears and illusions about her identity to be aware of her power much less utilize it.
Now the information that she came in with is revealing itself to her as she peels away the blindfold of her conditioning.
She's feeling a tremendous upsurge of reverence for Divine Mother in all her manifestations in nature, she knows instinctively that the Earth's soul is not separate from her soul, so she feels all life forms as herself and Earth's burdens as her own.
She turns to nature for her healing but she can also be a healing conduit of nature and her presence has a healing effect on the Earth...
Her very step calms the angry energies in the land and
invites the Nature Spirits out of their hiding places...
Those energies speak to her through feeling and intuition, they send her animal messengers, and reveal to her the lost secrets of earth magic, secrets of the Doulas, Shamans, Witches and Priestesses... Secrets that got burned in the fires of old, torched by those who were afraid of the power that she and her sisters carried in a past age when humanity's connection to the sacred was still intact. 
The written and spoken knowledge burned to ashes, but it remained buried in her soul bones, encoded in her body and the body of every girl child born to this world.
She knows that her opening comes with a responsibility,
it is not just for her but for the whole world, 
she knows that it is her task to remind her sisters of the sacred power that they hold...
To assist in awakening them out of the anathema of all that glitters false value in the material world...
A lost, bereft world that is keeping many asleep to the detriment of self knowledge and the impoverishment of soul.
She knows that it is imperative that the realization of connection and reverence for the sacred be awakened now,
She recognizes that Mother Earth is dependent on it for her very survival...
So she's trusting herself and the guidance that she's receiving, she knows that she's being supported,
that many have incarnated for the same purpose
so she's not alone...
Her diverse tribe of sisters and brothers from all walks of life are here in every corner of the globe, they are all bearers of knowledge and light...
All have the same sentiment in common...
Devotion to the Great Mother of all."
© Caroline deLisser

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Power & Light of our Ancestors

I am honored to offer Spiritual Guidance for so many people in my work as an Intuitive Medium.  I have had the privilege of connecting to so many loved ones on the other side for so many wonderful, open, beautiful clients.

Last night in a meditation journey I was doing I saw ALL of our loved ones.  They call themselves our Ancestors.  These are the Ancestors of All people, not just my own or even those of my clients. They are from All tribes and cultures.  All our Relations.  All light beings joined with us here on Earth. 

If we were to quantify them, the number would be astonishing.  We lose sight of them (pun intended) when we incarnate.  But, they are present with us nevertheless.  We are not walking this Earth alone.  

Our Ancestors say this is a time of expansion like never before.  They gave me two visions (options) for us.  One is the option of a Spiritual Awakening to meet up with the expansion of energy.  In this vision we are being metaphorically pushed off a cliff.  As we let go, we are given our wings and we fly!  The other option for us is a metaphorical "free fall" off the cliff.  We free fall until we awaken. Either option is a choice for us to make.  Each is of our own creation although one is certainly a much smoother ride than the other.  No matter which we choose (or maybe a bit of both from time to time) we are never out there alone.  We are always being guided to a better place for us.

They wish for us to remember we are not alone.  They are of the Light Source and so are we.  We are all One.  We are all in this together.  The force of Light focused with us here on our planet is great (infinite).  (So much more than we can see or even fathom.)  There is only Light.  Nothing else matters.


Laura Rose

Wednesday, June 29, 2016