Monday, January 14, 2019

Purple Rose Rebirth

A personal note from Laura:

A situation recently came to light causing the current Purple Rose location to no longer be the right match for my intention.

I will be leaving this particular space at the end of January.

I am taking this opportunity to create a new vision for The Purple Rose and the work that I do.

I love teaching and offering holistic healing & spiritual guidance sessions.  I am leaning toward letting go of the “brick and mortar” retail aspect of my business.

I will be taking the beginning of February as a sabbatical to allow time for the new vision to come more fully into focus.

It has been an honor to serve you these past 17 years and I am excited to continue to serve you in the future in a whole new, beautiful, supportive and sacred way.

Stay tuned for more details!!! I will share them as the unfold.

Many blessings,


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Our latest Channeled Message for you

"It is an abundantly powerful time right now.  There is no denying that, no matter what side of the fence you are on or where you have drawn your line in the sand.  A protective detail can be needed from time to time.  But you are meant to live fully here right now.  That is what the energy is ripe to create.  You are being pulled up out from the egoic third-dimension by your collective bootstraps.  Some are rising into higher vibrations of light with ease and joy.  But most are struggling through unique challenges to get there.  It is a challenge of your own making when you try to remain stuck to the status quo as if that is your only life line.  If you do not let go of the training wheels, you will never experience the joy of a balanced ride this time around.  Freedom to create the life that you have always wanted to live is right there at your fingertips."

Channeled by Laura Rose
from the Ancestors

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thank you

Feeling very blessed!  Thank you everyone!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Birthing a New World Light

"You are already there.  The pendulum has already shifted.  Do not allow outside forces to distract you away from this knowing.  The distractions in the world around you are getting more intense because your knowing is stronger than ever before.  The “dog and pony” show is a powerful illusion designed to trick you into questioning your truth. 
We can tell you with absolute certainty none of it is real.  You are creating your own reality.  You are creating your own life by your thoughts, beliefs and energy.  No one else can impose upon you unless you allow it. 
The distractions are designed to pull you away from you own inner wisdom and guidance to wonder if you are wrong.  Do you need to fear the future?  Do you need someone else to show you the way?  Do “they” know more than you?
What comes at you from your (social) media is not the consensus of the masses on your planet.  It represents the view point of a select few.  It is a trap to shock you into believing that you are outnumbered.  It is a trap for you to fall into so that you stay “small” and silent. 
This is the illusion (see our prior message from the dragonfly) or the distraction that can throw you off your game.
We are here to remind you that you are powerful.  You are worthy, and you are not alone.  You who are connected to Source (however you may define it) are shining more light now than ever before.  And you have All the Ancestors of All time right there focused with you. 
It is time to connect with the higher Mother energies and flow the Old ways.  When the Old, honored ways blend with the Higher masculine energy a new world is created.  As above so below.  Heaven is here on Earth with you.  You are already there.  Do not doubt.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted.  Honor your truth and your inner knowing.  Just like Dorothy (who thought she needed a wizard), you’ve had it all along."

channeled from the All
by Laura Rose

Friday, September 28, 2018

Our Family

When we see ourselves as only the labels we use to define us (career path, political party, religious affiliation, sexual orientation….), we limit our ability to see those without that label as a part of our Family.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Your Soul's Purpose

"You fulfill your Soul's purpose so that you will feel fulfilled, not to fulfill the purpose."

channeled by Laura Rose
from the Angels

Friday, September 21, 2018