Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Cosmic Reboot

At this time we can feel like we are being wrung out like a dirty dish cloth.  While it is an amazing opportunity to truly co-create our destiny... it is not for the feint of heart.  The message below follows and expands on our prior channel about unveiling our Divinity.

Here is the latest channeled message from Source:

"You are being re-set back to your factory (Source) settings.  Realigning with what you know to be true for you rather than what you have learned from others who did not know You.  It is a powerful and intense time of cleansing away that which is not light.  A reprogramming to unconditional love and the power of Source within you."

channeled by Laura Rose

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Veil Removal to Divinity

I asked for a message from the Angels & the Ancestors at this time and this is what I heard:

"The energy of your world is merging with ours to create oneness and wholeness.  The veils of separation are being removed so that you may finally see and recognize your own divinity and light."


Laura Rose

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tea & Animal Medicine

Time for a cup of tea and a reading. Let's tap into the medicine of the animals: "Vision is an important component at this time. What you look at you create. Visualize your future as bright and trust in Spirit to manifest it that way. Keep your eye on your prize. Do your very best to minimize all that distracts you from your inherent purpose and knowing." channeled by Laura Rose, blessings!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Channeled Message Spring, 2018 A New World

As I sat down to bring forward a channel for Spring, 2018, I was reflecting upon the words of certain songs. 

An artist is a channel in their own way, some more than others.  Chris Cornell sang about “higher truth”.  I can’t help but wonder what could happen if we spent less time bickering about issues and opinions and more time seeing and seeking a higher truth.  Can we bring together all our individual truths and raise them up to find something higher.  See each other through the eyes of Source.  Listen to our inner knowing.  Shine our shared light.

John Lennon prophesied a world as “one”.  I have heard this message from the Animal Kingdom since I began this work.  That we are all One.

Prince strongly suggested allowing the “purple rain” to fall.  I can’t help but visualize the color spectrum of violet flame energy and light cleansing away fear, anger…, and all the other lower vibrations.  Then, we can move to higher ground.  (Love)

Many of the answers and guidance we seek is already present in the words of our ancestors who were here perhaps just a bit too soon.  But the seeds were planted.  Their otherworldly offerings here for us now.  

The Angels say that it’s not too late to find the threads of higher knowledge already weaving a new tapestry creating our new world.  Instead of a new channel today, they want me to re-share the channel they brought through at the end of last year:

Creating a New World
"Many of you are in resistance right now.  And we understand.  We want you to remember what you resist, persists.  If you stay in your resistant place you will be creating more of that focus, whether you are resisting a person, an ideology or a structure.
We see a powerful time with so many people demanding change.  There is an asking right now like never before.  This is an impetus to a powerful awakening.  It is important to realize that down deep you are all seeking the same thing.  You have different labeling and you are all coming from your own unique perspective and beliefs.
Until you can look out at all the differing viewpoints and see them as one, you will continue to create the exact opposite from what you really want.  Your inner voice holds the truth.  It will show you the way forward and will lead you toward the freedom that you all seek.
Love will find a way but only if you are in love.  In love, you are each steadily flowing the power that creates a new world."

Channeled by Laura Rose from our Angels, Spirit Guides & Ancestors

We are not alone.

The truth will indeed set us free once we realize that each one of us brings in our own essential, unique thread to the tapestry of the New World.



Saturday, March 17, 2018

                                            "That which is meant to be, manifests easily."

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From Scared to Sacred

Here is a message for you from the Angels & the Masters:

"It is just a quick flip of two letters.  That is all.  A two letter difference between the words scared and sacred.  Do you see it?  A two-step shift in your perspective creating a new view for yourself.  So we ask you how are you feeling about yourself?  Do you accept the dogma and the lies being pumped in to you at every turn or do you finally see the truth about yourself?  Can you change your view and see yourself as we see you?  Sacred.  Inside and out.  Let us start there.  What may occur around you whether obvious blessing or contrast, you can navigate in a sacred space.  You are not the circumstances around you (never mind those farther away).  Your worth is not measured by the circumstances, people, or events around you.  They may be your teachers.  But they are not the sacred You.  You are sacred.  Know that you are sacred.  Believe it down deep within your soul where you recognize the truth of who you are, and live your life from that place.  Make choices from the sacred place within.  Surround yourself with the sacred.  Spend more time in sacred space.  The rest will take care of itself.  Your life will begin to change for the better.  It all starts from a different view.  A two-step simple shift."

Monday, January 8, 2018

Message for the New Year

There is a new channeled message on our website's special feature section for 2018!!

Here's the link:  http://thepurplerose.net/prspecial2.html

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Silence perpetrates the abuse

Silence perpetrates the abuse.  Whether it comes in the form of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or sexual assault, most women have experienced it in one form or another.  The statistics I learned long ago in my sexual assault crisis counselor training are that one in every three women are a victim of sexual abuse.  Those numbers only represent those who have spoken, been heard, and tallied.  Everyone reacts in their own unique way.   Not everyone speaks.  We cannot presume to know how each woman feels. 
I was thinking it was time for me to find my voice. #metoo  I happened to run into a female friend at the post office this morning who echoed my very thoughts,  that abuse of women is normal.  It has become a way of life.
For me, it started in childhood with my family and then it was reinforced in school and work.  It mattered not what type of job I had whether a waitress in a pizza parlor or a prosecuting attorney.  It is pervasive everywhere.  “Normal”.  Surely, it is not a good normal.  I, like many, have been hoping it would change. 
What I know from my own personal experience as well as working with other women, is that sexual misconduct whatever its form, affects us intricately.  It is insidious, a thread that winds itself through so much of who we are.  It can affect everything from our body image, our self-esteem, our judgment, our confidence, job performance, our relationships and so much more.  Each woman must choose for herself her own unique healing journey, hopefully, back to wellness and wholeness. 
We have learned to be silent because it has never really been safe to speak up.  We are often blamed and not taken seriously.  Sometimes speaking up can even cause further abuse. 
I am speaking only to the abuse of women because it is my perspective from who I am.
No matter what form the abuse has taken it is a violation to a woman.  It is additional abuse to minimize it.  It is additional abuse to discount it.  It is additional abuse to silence her.  It is additional abuse to do nothing.
The day that Donald Trump became president despite allegations of sexual abuse was a very dark day for me.  It indicated how far we have yet to travel in the fair and just treatment of women.  I personally felt violated and unsafe once again.  If this conduct was not a bar to service in the highest office in the country how can there be any hope at all.
What has been in the news lately about women coming forward and being heard is surprising.  Not that there are so many of them.  Not that it is present in all walks of life.  But, that something is finally being done about it.   
It has occurred to me that perhaps we (as a people) really did need to go about this the hard way.  Perhaps it had to get so bad and patently obvious that there was no denying it any longer.
All through my life when I heard a report of a woman being harmed and not being honored it felt like a personal affront.  I felt each time it happened that it proved how much I deserved all I had experienced at the hands of men who had the power and authority to hurt me.
Over the years of my own healing journey, I have come to understand that the opposite is true.  When a known abuser was acquitted, or transferred rather than fired, or elected to high office, it did not reflect upon me at all. 
I know now with absolute certainty that I matter.  My thoughts and feelings, my body and my choice, all matter.  I deserve honor and respect.  All beings do. 
Ellen simplifies the sentiment so profoundly when she reminds us to be kind to one another.  It is not hard to do.  All spiritual practices and religions encompass some form of the creed to do unto others.  It is a good place to start. 

Breaking the silence is a wonderful beginning.  We must never underestimate the power of the woman. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The frequency of Unconditional Love

Here is a message from the Angels.  They tell me that this is the most important message of all.  This is the basis of EVERYTHING!

"The opportunity is right at hand for an influx, a vibrational download, of unconditional love.  Those of you on this path have been getting ready for many years now as all that is not love has been coming up repeatedly to be cleared and released.  

It is time now to enjoy the high vibration alternative that is unconditional love rather than continuing to cling to that which you have all become accustom. 

We shine this pure unconditional love forth for you at all times.  We encourage you to embrace it within yourself and then shine it out for All.

To be in a place to receive the flow of un-condition-al love you must be without conditions.  Can you love without any conditions?  Can you be in love without any conditions?  Can you just feel love, be love?  Can you feel our love for you?  We hold the stream steady for you.  Can you be fully engaged in love in the simple moments of your time?  A sunset, a creative endeavor...  How about puppy-love? Can you feel that love from your animal companion?  Can you love like your dog?

Can you let go of the old ways and open up to the infinite, unlimited possibilities now at your fingertips?  Can you embrace love fully?  Can you feel the love within you so fully that nothing else matters, nothing else outside of that love.  

It all begins within you, with self love.  We assure you that you are not being "selfish".  You are, in fact, becoming self-full!  So that you have even more love to share.

As above so below.  We hold high-light and pure love consistently and completely,  and so, too, can you!"

Channeled from the Angels by Laura Rose

Monday, October 30, 2017

Samhain message from our Ancestors

Here's a channeled message from our Ancestors.  Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween.

"Are the old ways long forgotten
or have they stood the test of time,

Do you know where to search for answers
& how to connect to the Divine,

We can show you how to cast the stones
and read the tarot, too,

Especially at this time of year
when everything begins anew,

You don't have to search far & wide
the answers you seek are already inside."

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall, 2017 message from Mother Earth

The Fall, 2017, channeled message is on our website.  It is from Mother Earth.  Here's the link: