Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter, 2015 channeled message from Spirit

Laura Rose has channeled a message from Spirit for Winter, 2015.  It is on the special feature section of our website:

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Dance~a message from the Angels

In each moment there is a divine, cosmic dance in the universe.  You are an integral part of this swirling vortex of energy.  We are all connected within it.  In each moment physical energy aligns perfectly to bring to you all that you need!  It is always so.  The dance is always flowing.  All there is for you to do is hear the music and yourself let go!  Loose yourself in the dance, in this energy.  The dance does not work so well when you fret and worry.  The energy slows down considerably when you are busy pushing against something or resisting the natural order or the changes that are occurring for you.  Even though it slows, it never comes to an end.  It never stops, it is always flowing.  If you join in, your will experience ease, joy and communion.  If you let go of that resistance you can enjoy grace, faith and trust.  Aligning with all that is brings a freedom like none before.  It is not complicated.  You are either lost in the flow, the natural movement of the dance, or you are not.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Raven's World-231

Have you been noticing the inter species interaction lately?  I have seen so many different species of animals getting along on videos posted on facebook.  The following are only some:  tiger and a puppy playing, mother dog nursing kittens, tiger and a man hugging, dog and a dolphin playing, dog and a deer playing, dog and a catfish playing in the water, a cat nursing baby chicks, and finally a grizzly bear being best friends with a wolf.

I knew as I was watching these appear day after day on my fb newsfeed there had to be a message coming through!!!  I tuned in and they had an important wake up call for us.  Here is the message from the Animal Kingdom:


We have been showing you a lot lately inter species intermingling wondering if you are going to get it.  Do you see and feel the significance of this behavior yet?  Your social media is filled with the "predators" and the "prey" getting along with one another.  This is in an effort to wake you up.  We are ONE.  Even those of us you have labeled predator and prey.  We don't see each other as different.  We are all from the same source.  We are one family, one race.  We implore you to recognize this.  You have misinterpreted our survival instincts and behaviors in the past.  We have an agreement with each other.  There is an understanding among us that some will venture forth to serve as food (fuel) for others.  It is all divinely orchestrated and planned out.  We honor the kill in this way.  You do not.  No longer can you use us as an excuse to harm, maim and kill one another for sport, or from fear and greed.  This is not the same.  You see your neighbor as different from you.  You justify your deplorable behavior and your wars from this position of separation.  It is all a figment of your mind.  You must remember that we are all one."

Saturday, October 4, 2014


The following is a channeled message from the Angels:

"Age is never a factor.  We are here to tell you that you do not have to get old.  Your age is a number of your own creation.  All you ever are is now.  The truth is that you may create whatever you want.  Why are you continuing to create the idea of "old age".  "Time" on your planet is (hu)man-made.  It is not Real.  It is part of the illusion you buy into because this is what you have always done.  It is what you have learned from others.  In this new energy of Awakening, vitality, health and well being are available to you at any age.  It is all a result of your beliefs.  You have been under the false belief that you must age (and suffer) in order to pass into the Light.  We are here with you now to show you there is another way.  We are reminding you that you do not have to age or suffer.  You can just cross when it is right for you, when it is your time.  But first you would have to let go of the fears you all hold so close to you when it comes to dying.  You would need to remember you do not in fact die.  You are very much alive whether you are in body or floating along the ether of evermore.  You can release your physicality just as easily as you turn off a light switch in a room.  There is a joy in life in body.  There is also much joy in shedding it.  It was only ever about joy and swimming in it.  When you resist your joy, when you resist your pre-planned exit you spend your time creating seas and rivers of disease and pain.  You are not aging, my friends, you are living!  Always!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Raven's World-230

Even though Raven's World usually comes out on Wed.'s, here is one to share today.  Today we hear from the Mongoose:

The Mongoose holds the secret jar of prosperity.  It is not something he lets you look into until you have looked at yourself.  It is a very secretive enterprise.  We want to know the secret.  We want what is inside the jar.  We believe if we could only see inside of it, we would have the answer that we seek.  The mongoose wants us to know that it does not work that way.  He says to us with a sly smile and a gleam in his eyes, "You already have all the answers that you seek within.  That is where they have been hidden.  We [animals] laugh...the humans will never find them there!"

Friday, August 1, 2014

Message to Lightworkers

The following message was channeled by Laura Rose from the All:

Message for Lightworkers:

"Dreaming yourself awake, that is what it is all about now.  It is not about doing it the hard way anymore.  You are watching people squirm and scream through the pain of resistance.  It is getting them nowhere.  The Earth is fighting back and it is through the voice of the women that she will be heard.  The Earth knows the history of mankind and the web of creation from the beginning.  She understands all that is meant to be.  Those working in harmony with her and the old ways will succeed.  Others who refuse will be left behind.  Your job is to wait for someone to reach out their hand for help and guidance.  It is extra difficult because you really cannot possibly save everyone.  The idea now is to save yourself and help those worth fighting for along the way.  It is a time of tremendous change and transition.  Like never before.  We have not seen it.  It is a great awakening for some and they will experience euphoria--heaven on earth.  For others they will not fare so well.  The change must be embraced as the old ways return.  It is a ride on the feminine energy and voice.  Stay true to Her-Story.  Sing her songs.  Dance to her rhythms.  And all will be well as it should be.  It is painful to leave so many behind.  But this must be done.  Each soul has a right to access his or her freedom.    There will be great controversy ahead.  Stand strong in who you are.  Fight the good fight.  You must do it Her way!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raven's World'229

Today we hear once again from our friends, the whales!!! :

"Just as your ability to love others stems directly from your ability to love yourself.  Your ability to bring healing to others stems directly from your ability to bring healing to yourself.  There is no worry.  It is always perfectly orchestrated to bring in the right match for you."

Monday, June 23, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Creating the Future

Here is the latest channeled message from the Masters channeled by Laura Rose":

"The future is crystal clear.  It is always a part of your now.  We want you to get into the habit of understanding that you are always creating your future by what you are holding your attention to in the now.  You are always creating it. You are always the center of the universe and you are one with all of Creation.  You are always the center and it is always right now.  You are one with the Earth that houses your physical body and you are one with Spirit that flies free of your physical body.  And so you are more than.  You are expanding your consciousness.  You are climbing.  In baby steps.  That is why you have come forth for the joy of the creation.  It is the excitement of the unknown.  Anticipating all that has yet to form, all that has yet to be created.  You have been conditioned to be in fear of what you cannot yet see.  But this is the place of creation.  The lull before the storm, the pause before the next wave.  This is the place of power.  This in between place, this void, between that which was and that which is yet to be.  This is the center and this power flows through you and from you from Source.  This is your connection, Oneness with All that Is.  Ride it.  Enjoy it.  Be it.  And so it is."  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Raven's World-228

One of the my most honored roles is to be a voice for the animal kingdom.  I have been so blessed to be busy with the move of The Purple Rose and with work there that, unfortunately,  I have not had the time to post for the animals.  Today I bring forward a very important message.  We hear from the Stag today.  The Stag has come forward as the leader and the speaker of the forest.  He was reminding me of a Native American story about the Corn Woman.  He makes reference to it in his message below.  In the legend, the Corn Woman came to feed the starving people.  She sacrificed herself so that the people could eat.  Her instructions were to make sure to return some of the kernels back to the Earth so that she would return year after year to feed the people.  Here is the message from the Stag:

"The forest is our home.  It is the home of many creatures large and small.  The forest sustains us.  It is in perfect balance as is all nature.  You (human kind) have been clear cutting the forests.  And we have no where else to go.  So we are grazing on your lands.  You do not want this.  You come at us with your anger and your shotguns.  But you have left us little choice.  We are now eating from the land that you tend.  The land that you have poisoned.  You are poisoning the crops, the land, the ground water with toxic chemicals, contaminants and aberrations of nature.  We are now carrying away with us your diseases.  We are so saddened by this loss.  We are saddened by your carelessness.    We are aware that some of you do this with intention.  You have forgotten that we are One.  All beings.  Mother Earth.  What you do affects many for generations yet to come.  Ours and yours.  You must act now.  It is not too late.  We need the young ones who have come forth to remember their mission to change the planet.  They are here to fight.  But not with the swords of battle.  They are here to fight with knowledge.  Become the scientists that care to search out renewable fuel sources and sustainable food supplies without chemicals and contaminants.  There are long term affects and consequences to each decision you make.  Not just for you but for everyone and everything on the planet.  Everything goes into the Earth and into our belly's.  Yes, the story of the Corn Maiden.  Corn was a sacred gift.  And its seeds were the first to be destroyed with your chemicals.  It seems like an omen, no? To the destruction of the Earth.  There is still time to make changes.  If we all work and come together.  As ONE.  Instead of clear cutting the forests that already know how to get it right, why don't you clear cut that frankin-food supply and start again.  According to Natural law and Nature's way.  It is the only way for us to live."

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Raven's World-227

A new Raven's World channeled message today from the wolves!!!

"There is nothing and no one stronger than the light within you."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Channeled Message Pt.2 ~ "Control"

Here is part two of the channeled message from the Guides & Angels.  It is a really interesting perspective on the concept of control!!! Check it out:

"We see so many of you fighting to stay in "control"...of your lives, of your children, of your job, of your circumstances...  You fight and you fight with all that you have.  We need to be the ones to tell you that this does not work.  You know this don't you?  No matter how hard you fight the circumstances still spin out of control anyway.  This is because this fight comes from your ego.  And the "control" of the ego is merely an illusion.  It is from a lower limited perspective.  We think it would be great fun for you to find a different kind of "control".  A balance of energy.  Keep your Solar Plexus strong within you.  This is the higher seat of your power.  But remember to keep the Solar Plexus still in balance with all the other energy centers.  Find faith, prayer, God, or connection to your Higher Self (whatever that is for you) through your Crown Center.  All of your energy centers staying in balance.  Then you will really be in control of your life, but in a whole new way.  It will be a complete Surrender!  Surrender to the flow of your energy and the flow of your life.  Live in conjunction with your intuition, knowing it will always lead you to exactly what you need to experience.  We want you to get it right.  Ego blocks flow and that flow is vital to your health and well being.  The greatest irony is that in order to be in control, you must completely surrender to experience Oneness with your Higher Self." 

Monday, February 17, 2014

New channeled message!~Fulfillment

I know it's been a while since I brought something forward for you from Spirit.  But I am finally settling into my new space and my new routine.  So, here is part one from the Angels/Guides... ( Part 2 should come later in the week!):

"Everything that happens in your life is a reflection of what is needed.  It is a reflection of you.  Each change is what is needed.  You may not like what you are seeing.  So many humans feel that they must "label" these as good or bad.  In truth what is occurring is a neutral vibration responding to your frequency/energy.  But when you use so many negative "labels" to describe what is happening around you and to you, you end up holding yourself apart from the purpose of it all.  Instead of saying, "This is bad", ask, "Why?".  Why is this here before me.  Why did this come in.  What is it here to show me.  What is it reflecting.  What is it I need to see, learn, grow, do, change...  Then the energy begins to shift, automatically!!  Instead of pronouncing a negative label causing stagnation, you are opening yourself to other possibilities.  We are reflecting to you as we access your vibration.  We read your energy and send you in every moment exactly what you need for you to reach fulfillment of your soul purpose.  So that you can become fully who you are meant to be!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Raven's World-226

We have a brand new channeled message from the animal kingdom today.  As you know The Purple Rose Healing Center has moved to 526 Main Street in New Hartford, CT.  We are still offering readings and healing sessions by appointment.  We have many classes and event offerings as well.  And, we can now have retail hours:  Wed., Thur., Fri. and Sat. from noon to 5pm!!!
Our GRAND OPENING PARTY is this coming Saturday, Jan. 18 from noon to 5.  Stop in and see our new space and enjoy some tea and treats from our friend and neighbor, Passiflora Tea Room!
For our Raven's World column here on the blog, I will still be offering channeled messages from the Animal Kingdom.  I will not be able to have one for you every Wed., however.  With the move and being so blessedly busy, I'll have to cut back a bit.  But, I will still post them when I can (when they insist!!! lol).  Of course, I will continue to post channeled messages from the other realms of light when they come through as well!
So today we feature the Giraffes!!!!: 
"We can help connect you to the stars.  To places you have yet to explore.  We are here to light your way forward to all you can be and all you can create.  First, you must elevate your thoughts.  Second, stay connected to the earth.  We can help you cycle through the lower vibrations of fear, doubt, guilt, blame, anger...  And then reach higher again and again.  All while keeping your feet firmly grounded to the earth.  You are creating from every thought, energy and emotion.  Do not stay stuck on the lower levels.  Let us raise you to the highest vibrations known to (hu-)man."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Message from the Angels!

Here is the messgage channeled by Laura Rose for the New Year 2014!!!: “We submit to you a year ahead filled with joy, hope, and laughter. We would so much love for you to get on board and allow us to bring all of that to you. Allow us to create with you. We would first start with your new year’s resolutions. We would very much like for you to eliminate any diet resolutions you may have made. Instead make the choice to do the very best you can every day to eat pure foods filled with light and nutrition. We have never seen anyone gain too much weight from eating too many pure fruits and vegetables! You must change your focus. Die-t is all about death…lack…deprivation. You cannot succeed from that energy dynamic. 2014 brings in new LIFE and vitality! Get on board the wave of life force energy carrying you into your future! We see so many bodies among you with severe nutrient deficiency. You must find real foods….fresh, pure and natural… to feed the many cells within your body that are starving. Please do not starve them further by ‘going on a die-t’!!!!”