Sunday, March 1, 2009

Treasured times

Treasured times have changed so much. Friday night we went out with friends. Saturday night we stayed home. To me both were precious. I recall a time in younger days when I would have gone out all weekend. I don't know if it's getting older or if it is really understanding that I truly enjoy such a wide variety of activity. And that I also enjoy inactivity, too!

Precious to me as well is my ability to work with Annie and present new information to you each week as well as readings to callers on our radio show. Tonight's show is about connecting to the other side. I've also figured out how to move the radio show archive button to this blog, facebook and our website, so you can just click and play our last show if you miss it! But I hope you'll be able to catch us live tonight (and every sun.) at 6 p.m. (est)!


  1. I've been unable to catch you live but look forward to catching up this week end! I'm so happy for you and Annie!!!!