Monday, March 16, 2009

Ted Andrews

I was just reading Ted Andrew's column called 'Nature's Signs' in the New Age Retailer and remembering all the reasons why I enjoy his work. The first experience I had with his work was reading Animal-Speak. This book has now become my bible for reconnecting with the animal world and in the teaching I do now, too. It reminds us that we are all one. That we are interconnected with the animals. I know he does amazing work with wild life rehab and teaching children about the animals. Having a store myself taught me that I could not keep his books on the shelf. Many others were drawn to them, too. I was blessed to be able to see him in person a few years back at a workshop he offered in Farmington, Ct. He began the presentation with a faery meditation which he spoke in Irish brogue. Well, needless to say, away I went! His column, 'nature's signs', reminds us how we can connect seasonally and regularly to the animals. How we should live in harmony with the animals and the cycles and rhythms they follow for a healthier life. At the end of the column he spoke about geese and how they fly in a 'v' formation. He posed the question "Do you know the amazing reason ...why side of the v is always longer than the other?" Then answered with "because there are more geese on the one side than the other." It was a 'laugh out loud' moment for me. I was expecting that he was going to share some deep reason. So far this column has made me laugh and cry (when he spoke about a dog he had that was kidnapped but managed to find its way back home). His words continue to resonate strongly with me and for all that he does I'm grateful.


  1. ted andrews has amazing insight! next time he comes anywhere near the area, let's go on anotehr road trip!!!!

  2. Ooh - me too! I love his work and pull out his book again and again.