Thursday, March 12, 2009

Animal Stories

Yesterday morning I had friends over. One friend is allergic to cats. And I have 5 cats milling around. So, Raven, who you all know for her talents her on this blog, took it upon herself to protect this friend from the cats. Somehow Raven knew about the cat allergy and stood guard. She would softly growl a warning and then nudge the cat away if one should get too close.

While Raven enjoys the attention, my other dog, Shaya, prefers to fly low under the radar. But I have to tell this story because it is just too funny. Hubby and I were sitting in our living room. For some unknown 'man' reason hubby started making funny noises with his mouth. These noises then proceeded into 'fart' sounds. Shaya who likes to sleep on top of the sofa like a cat then proceeds to look around and smell his own behind thinking he farted when it was my hubby's crazy mouth sounds all along. Come on, that's funny!!!

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