Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eye of the storm

On Sunday night's radio show, on astrology, Michael Jernegan, provided us with a wealth of information about the economy and also what jobs would be perfect for each astrological sign. One of things he mentioned was that there's to be a global restructuring of our money system. That for both our nation and ourselves, we need to alter when necessary. If we try to maintain the status quo, we'll get stuck. Change is the word of the time. It seems that the planets according to Michael mesh with the guidance (see special feature section of my website) I've been getting from Spirit. Even, Raven, in her last column her on this blog shared words along the same vane. So, change is inevitable. In all things. But money is a hot button topic for most people. And I get the feeling that there's a divine timing piece that goes along with many people's situations. The trick is to make it to the other side of this. Michael advised self grounding and centering. So that whatever comes your way, you are okay. As I write this Spirit is showing me a storm, the eye of which is always calm. We are to be that eye.

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