Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grateful Sunday

I'm feeling most grateful today. Yesterday was our "open reading day" at The Purple Rose. Every second Saturday, Annie and I read together. It turned out once again to be a busy, beautiful and meaningful day. In fact, soon we're going to be expanding and offering an "open reading night", too.

Next Saturday(3/21) at noon we're hosting an Open House in honor of Spring at The Purple Rose. I've already gotten some feedback from clients excited to attend. Which is cool and will match our excitement in seeing all of you again! It seems as if it's been a long winter. But it's time to come out and play! We'll be offering tea and treats, some free gifts, and coupons to give out, too. Of course, we still boast metaphysical retail offerings. I know many of you miss our former storefront in Canton. Here's a great opportunity to come in and stock up on some supplies or treat yourself to a special healing gift!

Speaking of moving from Winter to Spring, check out our radio show tonight (6 p.m. EST). We will do our best to help everyone prepare for Spring. Rosemari Roast is our guest. She is an herbalist and owner of Walk in the Woods. We will be discussing herbal tonics and other green blessings!

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  1. I have the open house on the calender and am looking forward to spending time with that awesome energy.