Monday, March 2, 2009

Future predictions

I am so honored to be able to do the work that I do. Every time I meet a new person or channel for someone I am blessed to learn from Spirit along with my client. Last night on our radio show we had callers who wanted to know the future. What the outcome of a certain situation would be. I am not a reader who believes in giving future predictions per se. I believe we all have free will to make different choices that could change the future outcome as I might see it in the moment I'm doing the reading. Spirit will sometimes give me a 'likely course of events' if the client continues along the same path. But really what I always hear from spirit is that it's the journey itself that's important, not the outcome. There are always lessons for us along the journey. Spirit confirmed this on last night's show. They'd rather give me guidance, messages and support to aid a client's journey rather than a 'certain' prediction of the journey's end. I get nervous sometimes when I hear other readers doing predictions in absolute terms. It feels to me like we're taking the power away from our clients when we do that. After all, we're reading energy. It's not an absolute science. What if our prediction of the outcome is interpreted 'incorrectly' but our client believes it and thus creates it for him/herself? It is a blessing to be able to do this work. And it's also a delicate responsibility. One that I hold dear.


  1. i always feel spirit is giving me a message or pointing out something i need to be aware of in my own life. its uncanny how often i hear myself say things and i hear my own Guides or Angels say... annie, this is what you need to hear!!!

  2. You are so interest and I'm totally intrigued by you!!
    I love your post and smile every time I drop in for a visit :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl