Monday, March 23, 2009

The blessed work

My angels have guided me to a new place. Helping out at an area health food store. I enjoy being there in the community. I'm learning so much about eating organic, holistic health alternatives, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and greener cleaning products. I'm meeting new people and even reconnecting with old purple rose customers once again. But yesterday when I was there I understood more fully what my work was. Although I had glimpses all along. An elderly man came into the store at a time when no one else was there. I watched him as he approached me and I began to see him through different eyes. I saw him in his younger days. How handsome and dapper he once was. He began to speak to me and he kept saying that he didn't know why he had come in. That he had just been in two days ago and got what he needed then. He told me he'd just look around. I went back to what I was doing as he wandered aimlessly through the isles. As I expected he made his way back to me repeating once again how he didn't know why he was there. So he began to tell me a story about some medication he was taking. How it didn't agree with his body and he began to explore healthier alternatives. He shared with me that he had just moved to this area about three months prior from out of state. And then it came. That his wife had just died two weeks ago. And those eyes that I was seeing him through returned. Her eyes. I began to see him once again much younger. I saw how they used to go dancing together back in the day. I felt her love for him in such a strong wave that I staggered a bit and my eyes welled up. I knew that he was wandering around a bit lost without her and he needed her energy. Now I know better (this is not my first time) than to just blurt things out about dead relatives being with me (unless you come in for a reading of course). It can scare people. So instead I acted as a channel in a different way. Allowing her love to pour through me. Sending it out to him and allowing him to choose to accept it. After he left the store I let the tears flow because the love that came was overwhelming. For this is the real work, you see. It's not about being famous. It's not about how much you charge. It's about whether you are there. Wherever it is you're supposed to be. Allowing spirit to work through you to hold that space for someone who needs it. It's something we all must do.


  1. i think that is exactly true. its not about being gifted, its about being of service. any action, even scrubbing a toilet, can be an act of service and one done out of love.

  2. and I'm sure he felt better when he left the store. It's a blessing when we realize that we are just a channel for spirit.

  3. The real work ... yes indeed. Thank you, sweet Laura, for sharing your experience with us all - it's something we all must do.