Thursday, March 26, 2009

The star

I know that the calendar is telling me that spring is here. But it's been in the 20's every night. There's still some snow in my yard. I still have layers of blankets to sleep under each night. Yesterday I took some time out of my schedule to sit beside the river that runs behind The Purple Rose. The sun shone, the river flowed and I was warm only because I had three layers on. Still, the angels remind me to have patience. In fact, I pulled the 'star' card for the second morning in a row from my favorite fairy friend's tarot deck. The star shines for HOPE!! Keep the faith. It's coming!

Today is the debut of my friend, Rose's, new internet radio show, In The Garden, on Blockhead today at 11:30 a.m. Check it out if you can!


  1. Freaky! And I LOVE freaky!

    Guess what card I drew this morning before my show?


    Thanks too - so very much - for listening in this morning and for joining us in chat! I had such fun, I just have to sit on my hands so I don't clap! LOL!

  2. Actually ... I drew the sun ... different and yet ... :)