Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a scam

A client yesterday shared with me an experience. Unfortunately it is an experience I hear from many. You visit with a psychic. The psychic tells you that you have a dark entity attached/someone has put a spell on you/you are cursed... Then the psychic tells you that he/she can clear you if you come back and pay an exorbitant additional amount to said psychic. I'm here to tell you that this is a scam. And these charlton's give a bad name to those spiritual counselors and healers out there that do good work. If there is a piece of negativity that is detected during a first session, then that energy worker will aid its release it then and there. The chances that you have been 'cursed' or any other such nonsense is slim to none. Nothing can be done 'to' you. You have free will and choice. You are a powerful being of light and love. This loving energy of source that is you is a powerful repellent for any darkness that anyone could ever wish upon you. If you ever feel like you've been 'slimed' somehow you can easily clear yourself through prayer, calling on the clearing angels, intention or many other clearing techniques available to you at no charge. The bottom line is that if you visit with a psychic, intuitive, medium, reader of any kind, the experience should be loving. Their words should resonate with you. If you feel anything else--get the heck out! These scam artists play on your fears. You should never feel afraid during a session as a result of the words shared by the reader. A good reader receives messages from source energy. From Angels, Spirit guides...that are loving and gentle. Always check in with your own inner wisdom, intuition and common sense to decide whether what the reader has to say is right for you at all. And if it doesn't feel right--dismiss it. Period. You are the best guide for your own life. Do not give your power away to anyone else. No one else knows what's best for you better than you.


  1. "Do not give your power away to anyone else."

    Sound counsel, this. And sadly, counsel that warrants much repeating in the world we share in these days.

    Time is ripe for reclaiming that power and manifesting our own collective world - again! Peace.

  2. What a great message/reminder. I see too many people giving their power away.