Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What were you thinking?

Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to ask certain people that question? I wish I could have a chat with the person who designed my kitchen counters. I love my kitchen, it's huge, there plenty of light, plenty of storage space...but my counters have a lip on the edge of them. The lip is higher than the counter itself. So if you're cleaning up crumbs, for example, you cant just sponge them off the counter in one nice swipe and into your hand to throw away. You have to somehow lift them up and over this lip. I have to assume that the person that designed this lip thing never cleaned a kitchen in his life. And so I'd just love to ask him, "really, what were you thinking?"

1 comment:

  1. Yep ... I hope you make the opportunity to ask him - because that's a foolish design that probably wouldn't encourage referrals or repeat business!

    Boys have such a hard time seeing the big pictures, of walking through whole processes ... no fault of their own, they simply lack the receptors from lest brain to right that enable that sort of thinking. It's why they need us (as we need them for ... well ... certain things).

    On a healing note, I *do* believe that they can change and rebuild those receptors ... I only have one semi-committed guinea pig so far ... I'd love more!