Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holistic Blessings

My cat, Midnight, used to have chronic cystitis (urinary tract infections). We used to have him to the vet on a regular basis. Poor kitty had rounds of antibiotics, surgery and other meds. It wasn't until we discovered 'Royal Canin Urinary SO' cat food that he found any relief. It apparently was his diet all along. Not that we were feeding him anything bad, the food just contained ingredients that blocked his tract. Recently, husband found an organic version of cat food that claimed to offer none of those blockage causing ingredients. So we switched. Midnight complained loudly. But husband was adamant that he give it a try. Well, you guessed it, midnight ended up with another UTI. And you may be wondering how we knew? Well, over the course of the many UTI's in the past, midnight found the perfect way to tell us there was a problem....he would pee in the dog's food bowl! So a few days ago we looked in Raven's bowl to see bloody urine. (sorry, i hope no one is eating breakfast) It was of course after regular vet hours. So I decided to pull on all the holistic alternative knowledge I have. I started giving him some vit. c initially. Then I thought of natural antibiotics and heard intuitively that 'sovereign silver' would be okay for a cat. So treatment began with some reiki energy healing, too. Husband ordered some more royal canin and we got rid of the organic cat food. And over the course of only 3 days he was better. The urine in raven's bowl began to flow & run clear. (there were no signs of physical distress ie. swollen belly...) On one occasion midnight even 'asked' for the sovereign silver. It was on the counter and he jumped up and nudged the bottle. Now I'm not advocating any of this, I'm not saying that this will work across the board for any other cat, and I'm not suggesting anyone stop going to the vet. All I know is that the treatment didn't cause further distress, and we didn't have to pay over $900 for an emergency vet bill. Holistic blessings indeed!


  1. that is wonderful...i remember all those problems midnight used to have. so much of what we perceive to be "wrong" with us can be linked directly to our diets. what a wonderful lesson for all of us, and many thanks to poor midnight who has obviously volunteered to show us all the way!

  2. Great story - thanks for sharing - and I'm so glad tha Midnight is feeling better. :)

  3. Glad Midnight is better - what a great story.