Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Raven's World-6

Did you know that Raven is a Reiki healer? Many animals are natural healers. Raven asked for an attunement from me after I became a Reiki Master. So she can now do Reiki healings!

Raven would love to hear from you if you have comments or question!

Here's Raven's message for today:

"Because we (your animal guides and companions) are sensitive and can see the energy grid (see Raven's World-5), we have the ability to detect energy 'fingerprints'. Everything is energy. And everything has an energy imprint or 'fingerprint'. Some are good feeling. (When a compliment is given or love is shared.) Some are not good feeling. (When anger is expressed, worry is in excess, or a toxic friend has visited.) The good feeling imprints are good. The bad feeling imprints need to be cleared. We see them as muddy blobs floating around you or your space. They may begin to reek havoc if left unchecked. Like a house that has never been physically clean, you would not want to live in it. Yet, many of you live in a dirty house (car, workplace, self) energetically. My family uses white sage and intention to clear our home regularly. You may use water and prayer. What you use is not important. Just use something!"